Facebook: The Beloved Joke

Facebook has become somewhat of a joke in colleges and universities. But a beloved joke. I love this video because, if you listen to the lyrics, all of us who discovered Facebook and fell in love with its addictive nature can easily relate.

Enjoy! Thanks to Eric Odom of Fresh Vision Media for sharing this with me!


3 thoughts on “Facebook: The Beloved Joke

  1. As an eMarketer, do you endorse facebook as one method in an effective eMarketing campaign? I have heard that myspace is for those targeting young people, Linkedin and Ryze for professionals, and I heard that Facebook is maturing with it’s former college students who are now getting to be young professionals.

    Do you believe there is room for any social networking sites in a good marketing plan?

  2. I think social networks can be an extremely effective marketing medium. Which network to use depends on the audience being targeted. But yes, I think all marketers should consider, if nothing else, using a social network in their marketing plan.

    Great question! Thanks for stopping by!

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