Ten Reasons why I Love/Hate Google.

Search Engine Alternatives to GoogleEveryday I sign online more than once, more than twice, often more often than not. I immediately open my Firefox web browser which opens to the Google Homepage. My first two stops are always the same: I sign in to Google’s Gmail and my WordPress accounts, in that order. Then, I usually visit my iGoogle page to check my feeds and blog alerts. I then go on to search the web, depending on where I am and what I need to accomplish for that online session. In the past few years, Google has become, in most cases, the center of my online activity, providing me with news, services, and the information I am looking for at the exact time I want to find it. Below are the top ten reasons why I both love and hate Google.

10. It doesn’t test a new idea for 6 months before making it public. They let users try out by placing it in the Google Labs area of Google’s site. A lot of sites are too reluctant to post material immediately after being created. They feel it needs to be extensively tested before releasing it for public scrutiny. Google simply throws out its ideas to see if they’ll work on its real users. If it is a successful ideas, it “graduates” from Google Labs and makes its own home somewhere on a page on the Google website.

9. Their brand name has become a generic name for “search,” similarly to how the brand names Kleenex, Q-Tip, and Band-Aid are now used as the generic name for all brands of that product. Although many still use the term “search,” most individuals “Google it,” even if they are using a different search engine.

8. Google Calendar availability: I usually keep track of my conferences and appointments with my Outlook calendar, but since I have two offices, and therefore two different Outlook calendars, it just seems easier to keep track of everything on Google’s Calendar.

7. Gmail– A step above other emails. As an avid user as many different online email providers, Gmail is simply better, filtering my junk mail more accurately than any other service I have used. I also love the incorporated chat function within Gmail. AOL instant messenger is also now built into Gmail, which makes it easier if I’m using a computer that doesn’t have the AIM software already downloaded to it.

6. iGoogle– a one stop location to all of my news updates! I simply open up the site, sign in if I’m not already, and my RSS feeds, recent email and blog alert notifications are all viewable to me in one, easy to access location. To hear more about what I think about iGoogle, visit my October 2007 post, iGoogle and More Web 2.0.

5. The option of using Google mobile. Although I don’t currently carry a mobile phone plan that supports mobile online web searching, I have used these types of phones before and understand the need for web pages designed specifically for the mobile phone. After all, not all of us can invest in an iPhone right now.

4. The morphing Google “doodle,” or logo: the logo located on the main Google search page changes, depending on the time of year and any special occasions. It never gets old; I love it.

3. They are willing to adapt to change. Unlike many companies, Google embraces the new world of new media. They have the ability to evolve with the times. For example, in 2006, a survey revealed that the Chinese found it difficult to pronounce the word “Google.” Google took this into consideration and re-named it’s Chinese search engine to “Gu Ge,” which was easier for them to pronounce and would serve as a much more suitable brand name. Read more about this announcement here.

2. They are so secretive about their search engine ranking and rating algorithms. It seems they are coming up with more and more ways to more accurately rank the relevancy of websites so that their customers, the individuals searching, are finding the exact information they want to find. They consistently make statements declaring that search engine optimization does not exist and site designers should simply focus on creating an ideal site for their viewers, and yet we know that this is not true. Keep utilizing SEO, by the way, as it is more important than many know.

1. It’s everywhere. It seems that no matter where I go, I’m hearing news about Google, which I hate. They’re sucking up every good idea on the web and adding it to its list of acquired success stories, regardless of how bizarre or out there the idea seems to the market. They are always looking for ways to simplify the online life of its users, which I love.

Be sure to check out a similar list, Top 10 Google Products You Forgot Existed, in which you re-discover one of the many other Google applications and options available.

And so there lies my hate/ love affair with Google. What are some of the reasons you love or hate Google?The Google Story

If this post interested you, then I would suggest you to read a book that outlines the “Google story” up until August of 2006, when the book, The Google Story: Inside the Hottest Business, Media, and Technology Success of Our Time, was published. Even though a lot has changed since its publish date, this book helps you to understand the Google company, so that you may better understand where Google has gone and may one day go in regards to endeavors they take on and companies they decide to purchase. This book is a must have for Google enthusiasts, Google haters, and even those with a conflicting love / hate relationship with the brand. Check it out here!

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19 thoughts on “Ten Reasons why I Love/Hate Google.

  1. My two cents:

    #9 “Their brand name has become a generic name for search.” In trademark law it is called “genericide” when a brand name becomes synonymous with the overall product or service being offered (i.e., generic term. Aspirin used to be a brand name until a court ruled it generic). However with “googling it,” you never go to Yahoo or MSN to perform the search–you always go to Google. For example, when’s the last time you googled your name on Alta Vista? I would argue that it’s not so much a generic term for search but for searching on Google. I think they’re safe from genericide but Google’s attorneys seem very aware of the potential problem.

    #2 “They are so secretive about their search engine ranking and rating algorithms.” It’s no wonder why since everyone is trying to game the system. As soon as that system is compromised (in the eyes of the public at least), there goes your customer base. I agree that SEO is an important tool/approach at increasing a site’s search ranking but like anything, it has its limitations and Google is making sure of that.

    I’m admittedly a Google fanboy. Similar how Apple has raised the bar high for MP3 players and now cell phones, Google has forced other companies to be increasingly ‘ingenuitive’ and competitive (e.g., Microsoft). Google also is great at promoting ideas within the developer community as well (Google Maps comes to mind with its API). I suspect there will be a day when Google is not so favorably looked upon but for right now, they are the best thing since sliced bread.

  2. I hate Google so much! Do you know why? It is because they never, on images, show me what I want to see. I often use ten to fifteen synonyms of one simple word that apparently isn’t so simple, because they can’t understand it! There are also too many “cookies” that want a file on my computer for my parents to allow me to use g-mail or a blog. Google is possibly one of the most frustrating sites invented by mankind, at least until they come up with a second, “new and improved” version of Google, which will no doubt be even worse than the existing one. I hope Google is destroyed. Have a nice day, “inventors”.

  3. Hi, I’m back with a new and improved outlook on Google. No, I haven’t changed my opinion, if that’s what you’re thinking. No, I have discovered that Google is trying to destroy the very future of human existence. Here’s how. My innocent little cousin was at my house, seeing if she could find a picture of her on Google, when what do you think appeared? Let me back up a sec. I said to type in girl, that’s it. Anyways a very bad picture popped up and my cousin has been scarred for life. Is that truly progress? Taking away the very things we hold dear? If it is, then I am truly ashamed to see what things people are doing on the internet, thinking it will make them cooler. Games are great, and so is stuff like myspace and youtube, don’t get me wrong. But this, this is a catastrophe. I’m sorry if I’m ruining your day or something, but it’s the solemn truth.

  4. @Sarah: Great point, but I think that’s a problem with all search engines. I did a Google Image search for the word “girl” and a Yahoo! Images search for the word “girl,” and there were actually more provocative images on the Yahoo! Images.

    Thanks for the comment!

  5. Hi Erica,

    Great post. I agree Google are possibly the world leader in innovation at this point in time. Their success as a company is about constantly trying to improve the user’s experience. Its a pity that more businesses couldn’t have the same energy for their customers.

  6. I agree that Google is a great company – incredibly innovative and not afraid to try anything. It’s extremely rare for a large company like that to publicly test so many ideas. I think as a result, though, they have brought many valuable technologies to the web. I know that about 60% of the clients that come to my business do so by way of Google AdWords.

    With that said, however, I really don’t like their core product – the search engine. I have never understood the fascination with Google’s search results. It’s a rare day that I can find what I’m looking for using Google’s search. Anytime I do try, I always end up going to Yahoo and finding what I want much quicker and easier. Plus, I think their search results are just plain messy and an eyesore to look at – I think because of the way they indent same-site results.

    So that’s my own personal love-hate relationship with Google. Great company – terrible search.

  7. Thanks Erica
    I am fan of google and I never hate google. Google is good for visitors and bad for spammers. I always got what i search for but in other search engines i cant find as per my requirement. Google is providing tons of facilities which no other search engines can dare to do.
    Not only that but google constantly trying to stop spam and doing new innovations in its technology to give ease to its searchers.
    Thanks again Erica for such a great stuff. I am stumbling it here http://lindsayhogan.stumbleupon.com/ for sharing it with my stumble group

  8. Hi Erica,
    Im a fan of google too, cause google is very usefull for me like in your article. But, I have some worried, affraid or happy i dont what im feeling about google. Google will be a “GOD of internet”.
    All of people doing anything without knowing what they were doing, but google recorded their activities, all data (map, personal, hobies, bussiness, trend, economics, etc)

    That is google at the future(like “Truman” Jim Carrey movies). It possible happen?

  9. Yet again, I’m back. I’m a little more impressed with Google at the moment, but only because it helped me find answers for my music inquiries.
    Anways, here I am, sitting at the computer, trying to find multi-purpose fencing company, and all Google comes up with is multi-purpose fencing TOOL. That really depressed me. I know there’s a certain algorithm, but at times, it seems to me like there’s somebody with an elementary education sitting in a big swivel chair, unable to understand the difference between a tool and a fence.
    I have stopped yelling, so that’s a big plus.
    And Erica, I do apologize for using your blog to vent my anger at Google. Please forgive me. And, if you wish me to stop posting, just tell me and I will, no hard feelings.

  10. Hey, everyone! I’m still a little mad at Google right now. Type in “i hate google” for images and a nude woman pops up. OMG!!! That is so wrong! I know there is a safety filter but I detest nude photographs on the internet. I guess a lot of poor, depressed, single men have too much spare time.
    And Erica, despite my unwavering hatred for Google, I love your blog! And my offer still stands. You may request that I never post again.

  11. Hey Erica,

    #9 is definitely true – if my kids are looking for something online they will say they are “googling” for something instead of searching. So, Google is fast becoming a noun AND a verb!

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