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CEO & eMarketing Strategist
DeWolf eMarketing & Design

DeWolf eMarketing & Design was founded in August of 2007, upon my graduation from Penn State University with a B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations, with a concentration in Advertising. I ambitiously graduated in three years and began my career as an independent consultant for DeWolf eMarketing & Design.

I quickly acquired multiple clients and began developing the curriculum of eMarketing classes, copywriting, crafting successful eMarketing Strategies, working in print graphic design (flyers, product catalogs, party invitations, etc.), and analyzing web sites for usability, search engine optimization (SEO) success, and overall functionality.

I currently offer a variety of services to help companies, located locally and elsewhere, continue and begin to use eMarketing mediums most effectively in today’s world of new media. Traditional marketing mediums are considered and integrated into my eMarketing strategies.

Services Offered


  • Copywriting:  I am a skilled copywriter, willing and able to write promotional content for your email marketing messages, website, landing pages, and/or brochures and flyers. Whether it be food, manufacturing equipment, radio frequency identification,  e-marketing based content, or any other genre, I can write for you.

Samples from portfolio available upon request.

Email Marketing:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns: From the creation of your list to the execution of your actual emails, I will completely manage your email marketing campaign strategically so you can maximize your conversions. This includes:
    • Identifying goals and objectives
    • Creation of your emails list(s)
    • Consistently creating a schedule for your emails
    • Creating and executing the emails
    • Bounce management
    • Analysis of Results
    • Identifying areas of improvement and making those improvements
  • Email Marketing Campaign Analysis: What can you be doing better to optimize open and click through rates, minimize opt outs and spam reports, and create more conversions from your email marketing efforts? After looking at your current efforts, I will complete a written analysis of your current efforts, along with specific step by step instructions as to what you can do to maximize your efforts.
  • Various Email Marketing Tasks: Need somebody to help with the strategies behind your emails, but have an employee who is very good with the execution of the emails? I can work with your email marketing team to fill any skill gaps that may exist, or to help create higher level goals and objectives for a more effective campaign.

Samples from portfolio available upon request.

eMarketing Services:

  • Craft a Successful eMarketing Plan: With a small amount of information about your company and its goals, I can put together some specific suggestions for how you can incorporate eMarketing into your overall marketing campaign, complete with reasons why and potential results.
  • Website Evaluation: Let an experienced professional analyze your website from a usability and optimization standpoint. Not generating the leads you feel you should be? I will evaluate and identify any potential barriers to your lead generation to increase conversion and potentially, your revenues.
    • Extras include:
      • SEO evaluation: Learn what more you could be doing to rank higher in the search engines for your identified keywords, allowing more of your potential customers to find you.
      • Landing page evaluation: How can your landing pages be tweaked to give you a higher conversion rate?

Samples available upon request.

Design Services:

  • Catalog Creation: Design and layout an effective product catalog for your product lines. Assistance with acquiring high quality product photos, and effective product descriptions and copy available upon request.
  • Brochure Design: Design an effective brochure for your event, product, or organization. Whether it be tri-fold, bi-fold, or a full page layout, I can provide you with a beautiful design providing your clients or potential customers with all the information necessary to pursue whatever your call to action may be.
  • Additional Graphic Design: Looking for a designer to lay out and design your promotional flyer, postcard, party invitation, wedding or birth announcement, or other print or web material? Look no further. Samples available upon request.

Other Marketing Services

  • Secondary Research Gathering: Don’t have time to get the background research on a certain topic? Outsource your research to somebody who has vast amounts of experience in gathering the secondary research you require quickly.
  • Consulting Services: I can also act as a consultant on your current eMarketing projects, to help guide them in the right direction. I am very open to assisting with custom projects, so if you’re interested in utilizing my skills for a service that’s not listed here, don’t be shy! Feel free to contact me to discuss your project.

You can inquire about these and other services by sending me an email at We can then talk about the details of a potential collaboration, whether it be one of the specific services listed, or a custom project. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have, as I am open to discussing any and all projects you have in mind.


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  1. Erica…your post is up. I changed a few bits here and there…hope you don’t mind…it is 98% intact as you wrote it, I just injected a few points here and there.

    Thanks again and I will be in touch later this weekend.

  2. @ Fresh: Great question! I currently don’t have one online. However, if you would like to see some samples of my work, please email me at ericadewolf at and I”ll be more than happy to share some with you!

  3. Erica, You are on your way to greater things. You have accomplished so much at a young age. Keep it up, baby!

  4. Great intro,

    I’d like to know your references within internet startups as eMarketing consultant.

    We might be interested in your involvement.



  5. @Fish Fry- Thank you! I appreciate that!

    @Solofo I’d be more than happy to give you some references. Please send me an email at ericadewolf [at] gmail [dot] com and I”ll be more than happy to give you more information.

    Thanks for your interest!

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