ESP Review-Listrak:: Part 3


This is the third post in the Email Service Provider (ESP), or email campaign management tools review post series, in which I will review several common ESPs, and conclude with a summary and comparison of each that were reviewed.

We’ve already looked at Constant Contact, in Part 2: Constant Contact- anConstant Contact Inexpensive ESP, an inexpensive solution which can be customized to many different sectors and email newsletters. Its pricing model is based on size of the list rather than the number of emails sent per month.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at Listrak. Before we begin, let me state, for the record, that Listrak is the ESP I am most familiar with, and have used most frequently. I apologize if this post tends to be biased towards Listrak; I promise I will try to keep it neutral. 🙂

Listrak doesn’t make their prices real public, but they are still at the more inexpensive end of the spectrum. An individualListrak or organization can send 10,000 emails per month for $99.99 per month. and about one cent per every three emails after that.This is the first level of service. There is an increased level of service for an unknown fee upgrade.

Similar Features

Listrak carries many, if not all, of the same features as Constant Contact, including

  • List Management
    • Subscribe and unsubscribe management: recipients are automatically subscribed or unsubscribed with no action from you.
    • Import / export wizard: easily import and export your mailing list, including informational data about the recipients (name, business name, preferences, etc).
    • Bounce management: view all bounces, why they bounced, and have the ability to automatically unsubscribe email addresses after a set number of bounces.
    • List hygiene: automatic “cleaning” of your lists
  • Content Management
    • WYSIWYG editor: no need to know HTML coding with the “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) editor.
    • Limited Template library: availability of about a dozen templates (NOTE: Constant Contact has over 200 templates to choose from)
    • Ability to create, save, and reuse templates
    • HTML forms wizard: seamlessly integrate forms on your website with your ESP account.
    • Media Library: store up to 25MB of images and other documents, and transfer 3000 MB of data. (NOTE: Constant Contact only allows you to store up to 5 images, unless you decide to opt for premium image hosting at an additional cost).
  • Powerful segmentation: segment your mailing lists into different group to send the most relevant messages to different audiences.
  • Advanced personalization: personalize the content of the message so that it is tailored to each recipients

    • Basic Deliverability + more
      • Third party email accreditation via Return Path, Habeas, and Goodmail
    • “Send to a Friend” viral functionality
    • Tracking & Analytics
      • Open, read, and click-through reporting
      • Subscription details report: see when you are losing and gaining subscribers
    • Listrak Professional Services– Outsource your email marketing program: hire the Listrak professionals to design and deploy your email marketing campaigns.

    Advanced Features

    Because Listrak is a more premium ESP, it some much more robust and unique features then you would ordinarily get with a basic ESP, along with more advanced deliverability and tracking capabilities. Some of these more unique features you get when signed up with Listrak include:

    • Global Suppression System for CAN-SPAM compliance: The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 says that marketers must not send messages to those who have previously opted out. Listrak’s Global Suppression System has a set of features that flag unsubscribers across multiple lists so that you will be in compliance.
    • Content Library: save blocks of HTML to integrate into future email messages. You simply have to write the content once and the system can automatically generate emails using this text.
    • RSS 2.0: Listrak embraces the newest technology available by transforming series of personalized email messages into RSS feeds. Create, manage, and report on RSS feeds using RSS enabled emails sent via Listrak.
    • Robust dynamic content: allows you to define content rules that will dynamically assemble messages based on the intended recipient’s profile, allowing you to send timely, relevant messages that communicate with contacts on a personal level.
    • Dedicated IP and mailing domain name: send emails through your own unique IP Address, and use a unique Domain Alias so your reputation is not tainted by another’s. This will increase your deliverability drastically.
    • ISP relationships with active whitelisting status: organizations that send emails with Listrak are placed on top ISPs (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, etc) whitelists to ensure that your messages are not blocked.
    • ISP specific deliverability reporting: view your deliverability issues per ISP so you can see any potential problems you may have with a specific ISP.
    • Abuse reporting with feedback loops: allows you to be notified when a recipient clicks the “report spam” button when viewing your messages. This can help you identify and rectify potential problems.
    • Google Analytics integration: Google Analytics ties information, such as goal conversion back to a specific email address or specific email campaign so you can track your emails’ effect on conversions.
    • Geographical tracking: allows you to visually identify open, read, and clickthrough rates on geographical maps.
    • Interactive graphs: interactive, flash-based graphing capabilities to view your campaign results in a succinct, snapshot manner.

    I personally believe that Listrak is an excellent choice for an email campaign management tool (ESP). Because they are a smaller company, they provide an extremely warm and positive customer support environment, so that if you require assistance, you can talk to a real life person on a personal level to resolve your issues.

    What’s Next?

    Dynamic Content in ActionAs already mentioned, Listrak also offers professional services, so that if you would like to create a dynamic, personalized campaign, for example, you could work with Listrak to launch the campaign for you in the most effective manner possible.

    For more on what the Listrak professionals and software can do for you, you can download Listrak’s free whitepaper, Dynamic Content in Action, which uses a case study to show how the dynamic content and content libraries can make your life a lot easier, as well as increase the satisfaction and level of personalization your recipients experience.

    You can also check out the recorded, on demand webinar of the same name, Dynamic Content in Action, where they visually and personally explain the components of this case study to you in a presentation format. I’ve attended many of Listrak’s webinar and would recommend trying them out.

    Although Listrak does not offer a free trial of their product as Constant Contact does, they do offer a tour of the email marketing campaign management tool via a webinar with a training specialist, so that you can get familiar with the features and ask any questions, if applicable.

    So, what next? Schedule a tour so that you can decide of Listrak’s email marketing tool is right for you. Once you see how easy it is, contact a Listrak email marketing expert to help you decide on the plan that’s right for you and your organization.Mail Chimp

    Stay tuned for the next post in this series, a review on the MailChimp email campaign management tool (ESP), which is a tool that looks like it’s a lot of fun to use! Sign up for my RSS feed to be alerted when this extensive review becomes available.

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