Publish a Baby Website in 20 minutes

Do you want to create a website, but don’t know HTML? Do you know HTML, but want to submit a quick and relatively static page in a very small amount of time? Google Page Creator is the perfect space for “extreme beginners” to get their feet wet with web design and development, or for a web design professional to publish content to the web in a hurry without the hassles of saving and resaving, publishing and republishing pages through FTP.

The following is a step by step guide to using Google Page Creator to create a mini website in under 20 minutes.

Sign In Google Pages

Step 1: Sign In and Access Your Account! (2 min)

The first step is to sign in to Google Page Creator with your Google name and password, as indicated by the screen shot of the initial Google Pages sign in to the right.

Don’t have a Google username / gmail account? Sign up! I guarantee you’ll love Gmail more than Yahoo! or Hotmail, or many other email services.

Step 2: Agree to Google’s Terms and Conditions (1 min)

Agree to Google’s terms and conditions by checking the “I have read and agree” checkbox, as shown below. Then, you are ready to create your pages, so click the pushbutton to continue.

Step 3: Design your Home Page (10 min)

By default, you are taken to the home, or index page of your site, which will be available at, once you publish it.

This homepage will be where visitors start when browsing your content. You can link other pages you create to this home page later.

Design your home page using the easy to use, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor, as shown below.

Default Google Page

If you don’t like the look and layout that the page has defaulted to, use the Change Look and Change Layout buttons located in the upper right hand corner. Choose the desired look and layout from the list of options, as shown below. Click the thumbnails to see larger versions of the theme and layout options available when using Google Page Creator.

After you have chosen how you would like your page to look, you’re ready to begin inserting the content of the page. Use the Image button to insert pictures, either by uploading images from your computer, or inserting the URL address where the desired image is located.

Upload Image
Step 4: Create and Design your second, third, or fourth pages (5 min)

When you’re complete designing your initial home, or index page, “return to the site manager” by clicking the link in the upper left hand corner. Click the blue “create a new page” box. Choose a name and click “Create and Edit,” as shown below.

Create New Page
You will be taken to the WYSIWYG editor to add content to your additional pages. In order to create links to your other pages, click the “Link” button. Choose “your pages” as the location you link to, and click the page you would like to link to from the list, as shown below.

Add link

Step 5: Publish to the web (1 min)

When you are done designing and creating your home and sub pages, and are ready to publish your site to the web, simply click the “Publish” button located in the top left side of the WYSIWYG editor.

You have now created and published a baby sized website, all in under 20 minutes! As you can see, Google Page Creator can be a very useful tool if you want to publish a site to share with others quickly and easily, while still maintaining an attractive look and functional layout.
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20 thoughts on “Publish a Baby Website in 20 minutes

  1. Hey Erika, Nice post. I frequent the Google webmaster pages all of the time but I have never noticed this tool. It could be useful if you were building small niche sites…although I must profess, I still prefer WordPress for everything.

  2. @Bump: Good point. I never thought about that! But hey, people wanting to create a post about babies could still use this google pages site to create a site about little babies!

    @Blog Entrepreneur: I agree. this is a very good tool to put up things quick and easy. It’s by all means not for everyone. I too prefer wordpress, but Google Pages is easier to use than any other site i’ve ever used to launch a website quickly and easily.

  3. Your title was so perplexed ๐Ÿ˜€ ! Like The Bump I also thought u wrote something about creating a site related to babies. Actually I’ve been familiarized with Google Pages for more than a years. Mine is … Yeah… u r right it is very much friendly for extreamly beginners. But with the built in Google templates, a professional looking site is possible.

  4. I just used the google web page.
    At first I became frustrated. I wanted to just upload my own pages and use them along with my CSS Stylesheets. It didn’t seem as if it was going to let me do it. If anything I can be bull headed. I did like the fact that i get 100mb file space without advertisements.
    Well it was so easy I could almose slap myself. What I did was use the file upload and uploaded all my files. I created a page and used change look from upper right of googlepagees and chose simple. I called it kcc tnen inserted this html code useinf html edit:

    Then I gave out my address as: browsers are directed straight to my index.html page (after redirect) and its just that simple.

    Thanks for turning me on to google.

  5. There is still one more thing I don’t like.

    All uploaded files go to the same folder. There doesn’t seem to be any way to create subfolders. This could make a site with lots of files become a nightmare to manage. Oh well you can’t have everything I guess. You get what you pay for. lol.

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