Sprint: The Slow Network- How Your Eye Impacts Your Messages

Today I saw a bus advertising Sprint as “The Slow Network.”


It actually read “The Now Network,” but part of the N was hidden by a mirror or other part of the bus, and my mind saw the “low” and filled in the rest, resulting in the message that Sprint was a Slow Network. The mind does that; you can read about how what the eye really sees is not necessarily what our brains interpret it as here.

After I spotted this bus and processed the information, I did a double take, and realized what the ad was supposed to say. But if I had processed this information on a more subconscious level, would I have thought of Sprint as a slow network, not realizing why? The answer to this question isn’t quite clear, and would most likely vary from person to person. But this question should affect how we shape our advertising messages.

What does this mean for you?

I’m not saying that the word “Now” should not be used because it has two letters in common with “Slow,” a word no cellular network wants to be associated with. But similarity between the two words should be acknowledged and considered slightly when designing ads, especially for outdoor ads such as buses, when more factors may be out of your control. Could have the word “Now” been more centered in the design?

When considering wording for your advertising and marketing messages, recognize rhyming and similarly spelled words that could alter the meaning of your message if seen or heard incorrectly. Unfortunate placement of ads could significantly influence the success of a campaign, so take small factors such as this into consideration.


Super Bowl XLIII Ad Reaction- 2009 Wrap-Up

All in all, I think there were some very effective and entertaining ads in this year’s Super Bowl. The ads were a great hit! I want to share with you my favorites, in no particular order, from this year’s super bowl, and I hope you’ll share yours with me, as well!

See you next year!

Dorito’s “Free Doritos” Ad, Created by the winner of the Crash The Super Bowl Contest

One of the biggest reasons I like this ad is because it is user generated content- it was created by a contestant in the Crash the Super Bowl Contest.

Bud Light Conan Swedish Ad

The premise is that Conan O’Brien is persuaded to appear in an odd Bud Light ad that would only air in Sweden, but it airs in Times Square in NYC. I love Conan O’Brien, so this cracked me up.

Mr. Potato Head Bridgestone Tires

This is just nostalgic and makes me giggle.

Cars.com David Abernathy

I’m not sure why I liked this one so much, but it was clever and deserved to be on my list.

I liked many others, but didn’t want to bombard you with even more videos!! What did you think? What were your favorites and why?

Super Bowl XLIII Reactions- Part 2

I recently visted SeaWorld in Orlando Florida and was able to visit the Clydesdale Horses. I had been around horses before, but never clydesdales. They are HUGE, beautiful creatures, which allowed me to enjoy the Budweiser Clydesdale ads even more.

Budweiser “Clydesdale Stick” This one especially made me laugh out loud, because I’ve seen my black lab attempt to carry around sticks, or logs, this big.

Budweiser “Clydesdale Generations” A modern day clydesdale reflects on his ancestry. I think this ad really highlights the majesty of these horses.

Budweiser “Clydesdale Circus” The circus and a Clydesdale’s love leaves town, but love and clydesdales know no boundaries!

Did you like this year’s Budweiser Clydesdale ads? What ones did you like from the past?

Where Were the Miller High Life 1 Second Ads?

A few days before the Super Bowl, I caught this commercial of the burly High Life delivery guy talking about the ridiculous $3 million that advertisers are spending on 30 second commercials in this year’s Super Bowl. He started talking about how all Miller High Life would need is a 1 second commercial, along with copy asking us to watch for these 1 second ads during the big game.

Miller High Life Superbowl 1 Second Ad Intro Advertisement

That’s the last I heard of it, although I was very excited. I visited the site, www.1secondad.com and previewed all of the “1 Second Ads,” the day of the game. I eagerly watched, or listened for them during the game, but I missed them. Or, they didn’t air in my local market, because, apparently,

“MillerCoors must buy the commercial time through local market NBC affiliates because the brewer’s top competitor, Bud Light brewer Anheuser-Busch of St. Louis, has an agreement that makes it the exclusive national alcohol advertiser for Super Bowl XLIII in 2009″ (The Business Journal of Milwaukee, 01/20/09).

I was disappointed, and wished I had seen the ads during the actual game, but I am still excited about the campaign, as this is something unlike I’ve ever seen before, and an excellent example of achieving attention through viral or word of mouth means.

The Official Miller High Life 1 Second Ad

A Collection of Miller High Life 1 Second Super Bowl Ads That Didn’t Make the Cut

What do you think about this technique? Do you think it worked? Do you think it didn’t work because it had to purchase ad time through local markets? What would you have done differently or the same?

Super Bowl XLIII Ad Reactions: Part 1

I hope everyone enjoyed the football portion of Super Bowl XLIII on Sunday, as it was a great game! However, I was an Advertising undergraduate major, and currently work in Marketing, so I have to say that I have more to say about the ads then the actual game!

I was extremely pleased to see some creative and new NBC promos, created especially for the SuperBowl! I believe they did an excellent job with these, although the LMAO ad was a little corny- but it still made me laugh.

What did you think about these NBC promos? I don’t recall the hosting network having ads like these in the past. I also think that this was an ideal time for NBC to do these types of ads, as they’re doing all the host rearranging within their late night lineup.

“Have You Tried Conan O’Brien?”

“Jay Leno @ 10” –> I love this ad b/c it’s creatively put together- I didn’t catch all of the copy the first time I saw it.

And finally, “LMAO” which was corny, but got a chuckle out of me the first time I saw it! This is not the ideal network promo ad during the superbowl, which is why I like it.

What did you think about the NBC Promo Ads? Did you like the Heroes Football Promo, or maybe the other Conan ad?

Advertisement: Dell Colored Laptops!

We’ve been talking about different colored laptops lately, and I saw an ad on TV and decided to share it in case you haven’t seen it yet. I mentioned that Sony VAIOs have had colored laptops for some time now, but now Dell is offering (or beginning to advertise the fact that they carry) different colored laptops, including Pink and Orange.

I love the ad and how they positioned the product with the song “Colors,” by Kara Willey. They position the product as an extension of your personality, or the way you feel from day to day. Check it out!

What do you think of this ad?

…or colored laptops in general? Is the ad effective? Do you like the different color variations being offered?

Advertising & Social Networking: Sunday Statistics Ed. 12

Social Networking MapA recent survey has proved to show lots of incite as to how to improve social media users’ online experiences with their social networking site by tweaking the ads that they see when visiting them. A poll of 800 social networking users was completed by Prospectiv in May of 2008, finding that the majority of social networking ads being presented to users are irrelevant to their needs and interests.

The Statistics

58% of 800 users of social networking sites say that very few of the ads and offers they’re currently seeing on social networking sites match their interests and preferences, although the site has all or most of that information. Another 29 percent say none of them do. Only 13 percent say that “most” ads meet their interests and preferences.

56 percent polled said the quality of their online experience would be improved if social networking sites provided more targeted advertisements and offers tailored to their specific interests and preferences.

Consumers said the types of ads and offers they would be more likely to respond to are:

  • One-off coupons and discount offers from the brands and products they buy (62 percent)
  • E-newsletters featuring coupons, discounts, news and tips about favorite brands (24 percent)
  • Invitations to join interactive email groups, online forums and social networks for sharing and communicating (14 percent)

85 percent of consumers said they are more likely to join a free social networking site supported by advertisements and offers targeted to their interests rather than a paid social networking site without commercial advertisements. The report says that:

  • 54 percent of consumers never click on advertisements on social networks
  • 39 percent of consumers occasionally will respond to ads
  • 7 percent will often respond to ads

Statistics Summary

This weeks ads reveal something very important in the world of marketing and advertising: consumers do not mind ads. On the contrary, many say that their overall online experienced would be improved if the advertising they would be exposed to was targeted towards them.

Therefore, I think we should take this information to heart and strive to create more targeted advertising for our consumers. Not only will they be more likely to respond to it, it will make them happier. Happier shoppers are more likely to spend more and purchase more items!

Find out more about this study from the official Press Release by Prospectiv.

Image by frankdasilva.