Beyond Google: Search Engines For You

This guest post is contributed by Maria Rainier. Maria is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at First in Education and performs research surrounding online schools. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.

Search Engine Alternatives to GoogleIn the wide world of the web, Google reigns supreme.  Like Wal-Mart in America, however, this can mean that Google misses little things along the way—quality items you’re looking for that you’d probably find in niche search engines.  Such niche search engines, however, get so little hype that most people don’t know them.  Even if they did, typing Google has already become muscle-memory and a mindless, knee-jerk reaction when we encounter anything in our daily lives we want to know more about.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

If you’re a physical therapist looking for studies validated throughout the medical community, you would probably want to surf a search engine dedicated entirely to said community rather than Google, where anybody with half a brain and fingers can type anything they want and get it published.  Google is therefore the ultimate Athenian democracy, but that’s not the best resource for specialists with certain topics in mind for research.  For more discriminating web surfers, here are a few search engines outfitted for your needs.

  • www.Healthline.comMedical Search Engine Healthline is a medical search engine for the physical therapist mentioned above and many others.  Results are developed and filtered by trained medical personnel.
  • Science Research is what it sounds like—a search engine that uses a science-research-based filter, ideal for scientists and scholars.
  • This is a searchable database for study and research that searches for results by selected subject, ranging from veterinary medicine to humanities, engineering to forestry.  This could be ideal for the college or graduate student.  It’s reviewed by specialists within each subject, so reliability is hardly an issue.
  • INFOMINE is a virtual library best for university students and faculty, built by librarians of various universities including University of California.
  •, formerly, gives politically-minded web surfers access to information on federal, state, and local governments.
  • National Geographic’s Map Machine stores innumerable maps: world maps; satellite maps of Earth, Mars; aerial imagery; and incalculably more.
  • The Internet Movie Database is the ideal database for any movie buff.  It features movie news, showtimes, trailers, reviews (both critical and user-made), celebrity profiles, and more.
  • Blinkx TV is the world’s biggest video search engine and filters audio, video, and podcasts using not just keywords but actual content.
  • Ebay and Auction Site Search Engine AuctionMapper searches only eBay listings and does one better than eBay—the site is loaded with maps, animation, and mindless fun.  This, however, doesn’t distract from its usefulness.
  • If you want to search only blogs, use Technorati, which searches only the blogosphere (that’s over 22 million sites and over a billion links).
  • A great resource for all things digital, computer, and web-based.
  • Teddy Bear Search Engine You think I’m kidding, but TeddyBearSearch actually searches the web for, you guessed it, teddy bears.  You can narrow your search by features (i.e. antique, jointed, etc.), fabric, and more.

Editor’s Note: Thank you to Maria for her guest post! This is a great reminder that Google may not always be your best bet when it comes to search engines! If you are interested in writing a guest post to appear on the eMarketing & New Media Blog, feel free to send an email to me, Erica, so we can discuss a potential topic. Thanks again, Maria!



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