Four Out of the Box Ideas for a More Captivating About Us Page

Add a Webcam to your about Us Page
Image Courtesy of Chris Gladis

In my last post, Does Your About Us Page Engage?, I emphasized the importance of an interesting and effective About Us page. Many About Us pages are short, give little information, and give visitors an opportunity to leave the site. In addition to the information I provided in my prior post, I had some ideas to make an interesting About Us Page.

Keep in mind that these ideas will have to fit in with the personality of your company. These ideas will not work for all companies, but may work for yours if used in the right way!

1. Add a Webcam.

Let your visitors see what you’re up to by placing a webcam in your offices/ other locations. This will give you a really personal touch and make you stand out from your competition! The Neopets offices have a webcam up, which fits into their playful, child-like brand. Bungie, the makers of Halo, also reveal “official daily updates and subliminal bungie messages” with their webcam.  I also particularly like the Penn State webcams, although they are not linked specifically to any Penn State About Us pages.

A related idea is to add a video to your About Us page. Perhaps a video of your CEO talking directly to your visitor, or a video of your office having fun, if your company has a more laid back personality. Videos can help visitors achieve a more personable level with you, and as we learned in a prior post, making your About Us page more personable can increase conversion by up to 30%.

2. Make a Funny.

Use comics to communicate your message. Mideast Youth uses this approach to communicate with its younger audience, which may not want to read a lot of text. However, you may want to think about the fact that an image is not as SEO friendly as text, and the visitor could ultimately visit a blank page if the image will not load for some reason. With that said, I think a short comic would be incredibly unique and effective when paired with a few words about the company.

Use Comics to Spice up Your About Us Page

3. Write a Note.

Holly Buchanan of Marketing to Women Online recently wrote about how handwritten notes can increase your conversion. She references a study by Which Test Won, which found that using a version of a product demo featuring handwritten thoughts beside a screenshot, as well as authoritative quote, increased conversion by 85%. Buchanan also provides an example of using the same technique on @thatrobguy ‘s Twitter page, on which Rob Wolf uses what appears to be a handwritten note directly below his picture.

Try handwriting a note and posting an image of it to the site- or use handwritten fonts to draw in your visitors to achieve a higher attention level. It may even increase your conversion, or immerse your visitor deeper into the content of the site.

@thatrobguy's Twitter Page
image courtesy of Holly Buchanan

4. Post Baby Pictures.

Instead of posting the typical head shots or group shots of your staff, try posting baby pictures. This would work especially well for any companies offering children’s products or services. Organizations with a more free or laid back personality could also use this tactic to help their About Us page truly stand out.

A related, fun idea is to have cartoon characters drawn up for each member of your staff and use those in lieu of head shots.


For more information about creating an effective About Us page, read my prior post, Does Your About Us Page Engage?, or get in touch with me to ask how I can help craft a unique, usable About Us page for your own organization!


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