Three SmartPhone Apps That May Help Keep You Safe

In today’s cell phone dominant world, there’s an app for everything. From finding out who sings that song that’s always playing in the elevator, to giving you wireless internet on your computer regardless of where you are- so long as you have a phone signal.

But as convenient and as fun as these applications are, I think it’s important to look at some applications that can actually keep you safe. As a new mom, I’m more and more concerned with safety, and obsessed with any new tools that can help, so these smartphone apps caught my eye.

1.  Geico Glovebox

Photo courtesy of the Geico Blog

What it is: Multi-functional application that will assist you with automobile insurance and other related issues. Every user has access to an “accident helper”, which will assist in contacting emergency services, and provide a place for those photos of the accident. Those who are Geico customers can pay their bills and access their insurance ID cards, and there are many more tools within the Glovebox.

Why it’s safe: The accident helper may expedite the process for contacting an ambulance if the worse does happen, and the roadside service feature will allow you to find the closest tow truck, or help you contact a locksmith if you lock your keys in your car. There’s also an informational how to section that will give you step by step instructions for tasks such as changing a flat tire or jump starting your vehicle. It also provides

What else is great: The fun video section will keep you entertained with Geico commercials and entertainment. Geico provided us with a useful application, rather than giving us a Geico that burps, or some other odd toy app.

What’s not so great: Unless you are a Geico customer, you don’t have access to the Bill Pay and access to your insurance identification cards.

Cost: FREE! Even for those who are not a customer of Geico.

What platforms is it available for: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android

Thanks to Alex at Pandemic Labs for writing his post, The Geico Glovebox: Changing the Insurance Industry’s Smartphone Landscape, and making me aware of this app.

2. MyTracks

Photo Courtesy of

What it is: An application that enables users to track and record the time, speed, distance, and other statistics of a jog, hike, or other outdoor activity.

Why it’s safe: This actually struck me as a safety app because of a recent episode of The Defenders, in which an app similar to this was used to track the moment the user stopped moving, and to use the distance ran as a guideline for potential routes he or she had taken. MyTracks can actually record your GPS tracks, meaning that your phone can now where you’ve been, once you begin “recording” your run. Your tracks can be uploaded to Google Maps, providing a map of where you’ve been. Why is this safe? If something should happen to  you – the phone can be used to find out where you’ve been.

What else is great: As a biker or jogger, knowing how far and how fast you went is a great feature. You can also share your route with others through twitter or other social media.

What’s not so great: It’s only available for Android users with GPS capable phones.

Cost: FREE!

What platforms its available on: Android powered phones with GPS capabilities.

3. NutriSleuth

Photo Courtesy of

What it is: An application that records individuals’ allergies and/or medical conditions, and then reports whether foods are okay for those individuals to eat after the foods’ UPC labels are scanned.

Why it’s safe: Parents of children with potentially dangerous food allergies can easily determine if a food is safe for his or her child to eat by simply scanning the items label. The child can become involved in the process by watching the item be scanned and the green “go” signal appear. This app could help the child become more aware of his or her allergies and continuously look for those “green” foods.

What else is great: Convenience. Convenience. Convenience. Those individuals that do the shopping for the family can simply scan an item to see if it’s safe for the whole family.

What’s not so great: It’s only available for iPhone users, and is not free.

Cost: One time $4.99 fee.

What platform it’s available on: iPhone.

There are dozens of other safety apps that I came across through my research for this post – to find some of your own be sure to search Apple’s App Store, and the Android marketplace!


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