5 Quick Ways to Use Gmail Lab Features to Make You More Productive

In past years, Google has offered some up and coming features of Gmail that you can use to make your email and conversation viewing more pleasant, effective, and productive. Here are a few of my favorites that can increase your daily productivity.

1. Email Addict. Find yourself constantly checking your inbox and/or chatting with friends on chat? Take a break from your email inbox by enabling Google Addict, which will block your inbox for 15 minutes, allowing you a few moments of intense concentration, or time to take a walk.

2. Offline. Do you need to work within gmail in order to get your work done, but become distracted by all of the new email flooding your inbox? Work offline, and work with your messages without being connected to the internet. This will also be helpful when you need access to your messages but have no internet access.

3. Message translation. Do you deal with individuals speaking another language? Message translation allows you to eliminate language as a potential barrier for business and allow easier communication.

4. Mouse gestures. Move through your inbox and navigate your information more quickly be implementing mouse gestures, which allows you to use gestures with the mouse to go from conversation to conversation with a flick of the wrist. Works best on Windows.

5. Canned responses. Do you get emails often from individuals who may have a business inquiry, or frequently asked question? Save and then send your common messages using a button next to the compose form. Don’t waste time typing similar responses when you can type it once and save it!

Check out Gmail Labs for even more features that may make you even more productive.

How do you access Gmail Labs?

Log in to your Gmail account and click the green beaker, and you’ll be able to see all of the new features Google offers for Gmail users.


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