Twitter Overload- 10 Reasons Why I Love and 1 Why I Hate Twitter

I love Twitter. (Follow me @emd5005).

I’m on it as much as possible. I love learning what others’ are doing with their days, how they are doing, and why they are doing it. I even love the occassional retweet of a killer article or blog post, or learning about how a plane “landed” in the Hudson River before it was being reported by the television news.

Ten Reasons Why I Love Twitter

  1. It serves as my virtual group of cubicles. Since I work at home, I miss the social aspect of the office. I miss sharing the cool sites I find, and stories about my dogs, and stories about others’ lives. Twitter provides me with a virtual version of the talk over the water cooler.
  2. My friends keep me company. Yes, this is extremely similar to the first point. But not only do I like communicating to my virtual office, I love hearing the office buzz.
  3. My friends recommend only the best sites. And the best sites usually have a RT (retweet) in front of them.
  4. Provides me with a polling audience. Do you need a few quotes for a blog post? Just ask your followers what they think and you’ll have an instant array.
  5. Answers my question immediately. If I need a definition of something, or advice on the SAP software I’ve been working on, etc, I ask my twitter audience first. Even with as small a audience that I have (143 followers)- there’s always somebody that’s willing to help out. 
  6. To use as a search engine. Sometime, if I need a quick question answered quick, like who won Best Actor at the Oscar’s last night, I ask Twitter instead of dealing with Google.
  7. To search for somebody that can help me. Twitter is like a directory of professional help. Need a superb press release writer? Shoemoney asked and was immediately bombarded with referrals for @newspapergrl. Need a company to sell you live rock for your saltwater aquarium? I didn’t even ask and I got contacted.
  8. Great place to announce blog posts. Twitter can be just another medium, and a successful one, to announce your newest blog posts to the world. Using Twitterfeed, you can set your Twitter account to do this with no effort from you.
  9. A terrific way to communicate with your favorite brands. Follow @starbucks, or @JetBlue for a truly personalized and interactive conversation with the companies.
  10. Endless Possibilities. With Twitter improving, and hundreds of Twitter applications being created, who knows what we’ll be able to do with twitter in 6 months. The thought of its potential is overwhelming.

What I’ve Had Enough Of

But I have to say it-I’ve had enough of Twitter. It’s the next big thing, and every big social marketer won’t shut up about it. In my RSS feed- it seems as if 25% of the posts are about Twitter. And that would be great if they were all unique takes on the subject. But there’s countless twitter posts on how to get people to follow you, how to use it for marketing, and how often / if you should retweet.

1 Thing I Hate About Twitter

  1. Enough is enough. I’m on Twitter Overload. Stop telling me how twitter is like your uncle Fred.

Dazzle me. Give me a formula for your likelihood to be retweeted, and how to be a good dog on twitter, but don’t tell me again 10 easy ways to get people to follow you.

If you’re going to write about Twitter, Don’t fit in with the clutter. Stand out from the crowd and dare to be different!

Some Posts About Twitter I Really Love

Your Input

What do you think about all the Twitter posts that are saturating the blogosphere? Do you not mind them? Welcome them? What are some of your favorite Twitter posts? I’d love to read them, and post them here for others to read, as well!


8 thoughts on “Twitter Overload- 10 Reasons Why I Love and 1 Why I Hate Twitter

  1. Erica,

    Twitter is old hat to you, but there are a lot of people who do not know, and would not recognize, the difference between mp3 and a can of tuna fish.

    Regrettably, those people are in our primary news streams, TV, Radio, Newpaper, Magazines. They are NOT yet aware of what the Internet has done to them. They are Dead Man Walking.

    The managing editor of the Erie Times wrote on this subject on Sunday last. He noted that he would answer a question in 140 words or less, and post it on FACEBOOK. He has no clue of what you are saying…or his error in his opening paragraphs.

    The Erie Times Managing Editor has found social networks to be a topic worthy of his time, FINALLY.
    It is always like jumping, from shore to ship, when the Titanic is 3 miles out to sea already, at the ETN.

    On the Erie blogger, “Press and Tower”, I have often commented on New Media and Twitter specifically. I called for a local directory to alert our region to Twitter accounts that exist already.
    Business can expand and be marketed with the tool.
    Shortly after, Mike at Erie Blogs created such a directory, though he is loathe to give credit for the idea, and perhaps not an ideal location for folks to find it.

    Bloggers are lazy. It takes real effort to come up with an original thought, and do so often. I find BLOGS do what you see Twitter doing.
    They see something posted, and heist a section and make it their own. In a Google search, I often find entire paragraphs (from search words) in a multitude of blogs, for plagiarism apparently never enters the mind of a blogger.

    In vogue now, is copying blog after blog on Twitter.
    It is dramatic with the Hudson plane crash getting the first media photo out via Twitter, but started BEFORE that, when the Mumbai terrorists held India captive for days. ALL news feeds out of Mumbai were Twitter.
    Media noticed.
    The chatter has yet to subside.

    This week, two Erie Bloggers closed down; Millenial Gardens and ErieVersible.
    Last month, Global Erie lost a Blogger, The People Demand It, though by the end of the same day he quit, he opened a new blog on NeoCon blather, and changed from using a real name to a pseudonym to really spew it out better.
    (He did not like the People Demanded Obama last November)

    100,000 domain names were opened on a single day in December, 2007 and the vast majority closed in less than 6 months.

    People have something to say, say it, and run out of new thought. Now it is work.
    That is when the copying starts from elsewhere and attempts are made to make it original, but the overwhelming copying is copious due to this phenomenon.

    Twitter allows a mini-blog, if you will….for the lazy Blogger. When read backward in time, it is obvious that a tremendous amount of energy is wasted and making everyone exhausted via Twitter, again with no NEW content. Everyone lets us know they showered, had coffee, and are sleepy and will order pizza. If you have a friend who cares a whit about that, you need new friends.
    I read a Tweet on a death in the family last week and not a sound was made back to the person on that. Not ONE!
    Are we redefining “friends”?

    I like some of your original thought in this post. Another local blogger wrote of Twitter three posts in a row, but is loathe to post comments, and folks avoid the blog. There are no comments; a sign of a dead blog. Those three in a row were immediately copied by other bloggers and it became a petri dish of Twitter bacteria to the world.

    LIMIT yourself on Twitter as you LIMIT yourself on a BlogRoll on a blog. Instead of expanding ad nauseum into a desert of wordsmith waste, choose wisely.

    I have done this with blogs and comment at very select places for a reason. Many I have skipped going back, due to no interaction of blog and comment.

    Communication is ALWAYS a two-way avenue, and bloggers who fail this test, eventually blather alone to themselves and die.

    TV created a passive generation. You watched, but did not reply.

    The Internet and social networks have created an active generation. They watch and respond.
    Sadly, there is a good chance of misinformation being spread as well as information, due to education levels.
    Topix at GoErie is Exhibit A on that.

    You asked for a formula for retweets. That was published in Advanced Calculus Trigonometry long ago.

    Pictures are all over Twitter. People look at the pics and retweet based on
    the formula: the quantity
    (U + I) – I = Q T Pi

    I will put thought on your request for quality Twitter Addresses.

    I will let you know a worthwhile blog to read too.
    Writer Dad.
    Begin with this well thought out post,called “Sliding Doors”, and you will see why:

    There is a magic to words.
    A thought within a skull is communicated precisely, or not at all, or incorrectly, due to words chosen.

    This blogger also crafted a 10 year old named “Lucas”, that became so real as a foil to discuss anything, that Writer Dad finally admitted Lucas was his imagination only, not a 10 year old kid.
    THAT is good writing.

    As 100,000 blogger bite the dust within a year of date of starting, Twitter is going through the same adjustment.
    Numerically, there is growth.
    Quality reading, or transfer of thought could fit in a salt shaker.

    People who have yet to learn that Twitter exists are, oh so excited, don’t know how to use it, and the Gen Y and newer are moving on already.
    YOUR exhasperation is testimony to that!
    The half-life of each new communication form is growing smaller daily.

    Twitter is a world of paragraphs in a library of books, with no Dewey Decimal System to find anything.

    Few adults realize that texting has superceded emails. There is a generation STILL on AOL, some paying still.

    The kids know more than teachers and the power will shift when the newest generations become teachers for real (they often teach teachers now). I expect that generation to salvage the USA with their tech skills, but worry they waste it on trivia.

    A grown businesswoman wrote me this week, and the entire email was lower case letters (common to texting). There would be no way for me to explain the writing from Writer Dad, and his ability to communicate and market, to this email writer woman.

    I’ll check the sites you like (listed above) and see which is best.

    Good luck at school!

  2. @Danny Lucas- as always, I appreciate the time and energy you put into your comments. I am glad you somewhat? agree with me, as I do feel that, although a certain generation has not yet discovered twitter, many blogs that target those that are aware of social media and twitter are overdoing the twitter thing.

    Introducing Twitter to an audience that does not know about it is encouraged. But overkilling the same idea (how to get people to follow you on twitter) is truly what I’ve had enough of.

    There is far too much going on in our world to “overdo” one area.

    Again, thanks for taking the time to write your response, it is much appreciated. Please continue reading.

    P.S. School is going great! Thanks for wishing me luck!:)

  3. I totally agree with you. Twitter is great, we get it, but it is now running the risk of over-hype and before you know, the new next big thing will take over. I say, let’s just tweet and shut up about how great it is alreay…unless somebody specifically asks.

  4. I really like that I can learn from the communities that I am interested in such as marketing or Tech. The best Twitterers are always sharing great tips and links to great content. I am constantly trying to refine the people I follow so I get a high quality stream of news, information, and links sent directly to my mobile device.

  5. It’s funny in that you are right to encourage people to dare to be different, but I’d rather you didn’t use the standard 10 list. Stinking Moses started it an everyone’s got to follow.

    I’m not being a jerk, it’s just something that we are all trained to do and I hate it. Yes, guilty as charged, you can find a couple headlines on my blog that are the formula = Number ways to Benefit from Tool.

    And I do like some of the items in the list. But also the post and a couple of the comments talk about what people should do on twitter. I believe people should do what they want on twitter and people will follow them or not. I agree with the things you’ve had enough of… and that behavior is in part inspired by those that are personal brand advocates. Here’s my advice on personal brand. Be yourself. But I can’t make any money on that so let me cook up a bunch of stuff.

    Lastly, just for a laugh cause you have a nice smile. Problem with Social Media? Too Many People

    All the best,

  6. I still remember vividly the accounts on twitter of the plane landing in the Hudson River before the television stations even had gotten wind of it.

    Your 10 reasons are excellent and more than likely everyone that’s commented concurs with them. Twitter is ever evolving socially driven platform which should only get better. There is much to much mention of Twitter, adding followers,and large numbers being sold. There’s nothing wrong with building up a following and answering questions about how, but not with 10 people per hour with the same ad copy!

    Let’s set the example and hopefully some of the same promoters of their 15k in 30 day products will read it and adapt. 🙂

    Thanks for the great article!

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