Super Bowl XLIII Ad Reaction- 2009 Wrap-Up

All in all, I think there were some very effective and entertaining ads in this year’s Super Bowl. The ads were a great hit! I want to share with you my favorites, in no particular order, from this year’s super bowl, and I hope you’ll share yours with me, as well!

See you next year!

Dorito’s “Free Doritos” Ad, Created by the winner of the Crash The Super Bowl Contest

One of the biggest reasons I like this ad is because it is user generated content- it was created by a contestant in the Crash the Super Bowl Contest.

Bud Light Conan Swedish Ad

The premise is that Conan O’Brien is persuaded to appear in an odd Bud Light ad that would only air in Sweden, but it airs in Times Square in NYC. I love Conan O’Brien, so this cracked me up.

Mr. Potato Head Bridgestone Tires

This is just nostalgic and makes me giggle. David Abernathy

I’m not sure why I liked this one so much, but it was clever and deserved to be on my list.

I liked many others, but didn’t want to bombard you with even more videos!! What did you think? What were your favorites and why?


One thought on “Super Bowl XLIII Ad Reaction- 2009 Wrap-Up

  1. There was a twist of genuine irony in the Conan Ad.
    The Presidential election was held in Finland a few years back. Conan has an uncanny resemblance to the , then candidate, and soon elected President.

    The entire season on Conan noted the president’s increase in popularity paralleled Conan’s increase in popularity in Finland. They love him there.

    Conan deadpanned the “look alike” as pictures from the Finns were put in the paper. Conan’s face, hair, haircolor, literally everything, is identical to the President of Finland. Except one thing.
    The President of Finland who is a dead ringer for Conan is a WOMAN, named Tarja HALONEN.

    There is a belief that Conan’s popularity with the Finn’s got Tarja elected. Check these pictures and see how Conan could be President of Finland:*&oe=UTF-8&um=1&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&ei=XVyMSavQGY-ctwfT0emmCw&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&resnum=4&ct=title

    Tarja and Conan have since met and swapped Finn jokes.
    I thought the Superbowl ad making Conan have a contract with Sweden was “convincible” due to his extraordinary relationship with all of Scandinavia. Conan is a hero over there, and the pitch for the ad to be there alone was convincing, because of events in real life.

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