Super Bowl XLIII Ad Reactions: Part 1

I hope everyone enjoyed the football portion of Super Bowl XLIII on Sunday, as it was a great game! However, I was an Advertising undergraduate major, and currently work in Marketing, so I have to say that I have more to say about the ads then the actual game!

I was extremely pleased to see some creative and new NBC promos, created especially for the SuperBowl! I believe they did an excellent job with these, although the LMAO ad was a little corny- but it still made me laugh.

What did you think about these NBC promos? I don’t recall the hosting network having ads like these in the past. I also think that this was an ideal time for NBC to do these types of ads, as they’re doing all the host rearranging within their late night lineup.

“Have You Tried Conan O’Brien?”

“Jay Leno @ 10” –> I love this ad b/c it’s creatively put together- I didn’t catch all of the copy the first time I saw it.

And finally, “LMAO” which was corny, but got a chuckle out of me the first time I saw it! This is not the ideal network promo ad during the superbowl, which is why I like it.

What did you think about the NBC Promo Ads? Did you like the Heroes Football Promo, or maybe the other Conan ad?


One thought on “Super Bowl XLIII Ad Reactions: Part 1

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