Google Bought Feedburner…now where’s my subscribers?

Google Acquired Feedburner
Google Acquired Feedburner

I love Google. I use Gmail exclusively, and practically drool everytime a new feature comes out in Gmail Labs. Google is so innovative, i don’t have time to keep up with everything.

I even missed the news that Google acquired Feedburner (by the way, can anybody find the official press release announcing  this?).

And I somehow missed the fact that those of us that use Feedburner are required to manually transfer our feed over to by clicking a button in our account at

I was first made aware of this by this post from Michael at Pro Blog Design. I decided to follow its advice and switch over my feeds to eliminate any potential problems I may have had in the future.

I don’t log in to feedburner very often, so it was a major surprise to see that my feeds had dropped about 50%…and then went back up…but then dropped again (apparently due to the weird things going on with the whole switch to Google).

After I manually switched my feeds from feedburner to, as per Michael’s instructions, my subscribers dropped even more…and then more! The green line in the image below shows what my subscribers have been doing.

Feedburner Funkiness
Feedburner Funkiness

This is disturbing to me. Not only because I didn’t know where my subscribers went, but because I think Google is handling this very poorly. Can anybody point me towards Google making us aware of this fact and telling us not to worry? If there is one out there, they should make it easier to find.

After doing a little more research on this subject, I found this post by Patrick Altoft of blogstorm, which seems to hint at the fact that the reason my subscribers have dropped is because, once on the Google server, your subscribers using iGoogle and Google Reader to receive your feed are not being recorded.

Dear Google- please write a press release, or contact us via email to let us know what’s going on with Feedburner, if you’re working on it, and when things will be resolved.

Is anybody else having trouble with feedburner’s transfer to google’s server? Have any resources you can direct us to? Please share in the comments section!

Update: As of Friday, January 23rd, my feeds were restored, and everything is back to normal!


6 thoughts on “Google Bought Feedburner…now where’s my subscribers?

  1. @EBMike- Thanks for the link! I wasted about a half an hour looking for that one little link when writing this post!

    @Jaycee- Thanks for your comment, makes me feel better to know that I’m not alone!

  2. I suppose I’m fortunate in that when I signed up with Feedburner Google had already bought them. But I do agree, gmail is great. It just takes a little while to learn all the different tools they have and things they can do.

  3. I myself don’t use feed-burner application so much but I’ve analyzed through various researches that whenever Google buys anything, it turns it into a really bigger product to be used by various groups of people whereas when Yahoo buys anything, the application goes to the “nowhere” place and we are left with no option other than going for its alternate option…

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