5 Reasons Why I Participate In Blogging Contests

Lately, I’ve had very good luck in winning a few large prizes in blogging contests.

Recent Winnings of Blog Contests…

If you remember, a while back, I was lucky enough to  win an Xbox 360 from JohnCow.com.

Winner of the XBox 360
Winner of the XBox 360

Which, by the way,  because of, I’ve recently become addicted to Call of Duty: World of War. My boyfriend and I have been playing it lately, and I’m actually not bad!! However, I’m a big fan of Super Mario Bros. type games, and am looking for a good game similar to that type of game for Xbox…any advice??

Shortly after winning the Xbox, I won a free “This is my Profile Face” T-shirt from Ignite Social Media.Ignite Social Media T-Shirt Winner

Ignite Social Media T-Shirt Winner

Cell Hell
Cell Hell

Recently, Brad Shorr held a Cell Phone Users and Abusers Blogging Contest on his site, Word Sell, Inc. hosted by Dr. Mike O’Malley to promote his new book, Cell Hell: 55 Cell Phone Users you Would Like to Silence.

By the way, O’Malley has recently decreased the price of his book to $9.95. This would be a great coffee table book or gift to the cell phone lover in your circle!

There was one $500 winner, three $100 winners, and four $50 winners. Today I found out that I was the one lucky enough to be randomly chosen as the $500 winner.

So thank you JohnCow.com, Top Hosting Center, Ignite Social Media, Brad Shorr, and Mike O’Malley for hosting these contests, as well as for my contest winnings!

That said, I have some reasons why I participate in blogging contests, and why you should, as well!

Reasons to Participate in Blogging Contests

1. It encourages you to create content for your own blog / site.

2. You help out another blogger by linking to their site, increasing their Google PR and perhaps bringing them more visitors.

3. Encourages interaction with other bloggers blogging about something similar to you! After all, isn’t that what social media is all about?

4. They make you think. Topics given are always something interesting, putting you in a different train of thought and giving your readers something “fresh” to read.

5. You usually have a large likelihood of winning, as blogging contest that require participants to create their own blog post usually do not have extremely high entry rates. Therefore, you have a much higher chance of winning!!


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