I Just Joined Twitter! Follow Me!

After commenting slightly multiple times on how Twitter can be a great marketing tool, I’ve finally taken the plunge and signed up to try it out. I’ve always been a little bit skeptical of exactly how useful it can be in the marketing sense, so now I’ll finally get to try it out myself!

Since I’m involved in so many other types of social media, it will be interesting to find how relevant it will be to me- and how often I’ll end up using it.

If you’re at all interested in eMarketing and the different types of new media, or if you’re interested in knowing what I’m doing from time to time, follow me on Twitter to stay updated!

I’ll be sure to keep you informed on the success rates I achieve with Twitter, and how it compares to the types of social media I’ve used before.


7 thoughts on “I Just Joined Twitter! Follow Me!

  1. Hey I am on Twitter too. I am still trying to figure out how to use the tool. Keep me updated on what you find out about Twitter! : )

  2. Hi it is me again Liz. I was wondering if you have found any use out of Twitter or do you think it is just for fun so people know what you are up to?

  3. @Liz – I’m still learning and getting used to it. Right now I’m just using it to update everyone on what I’m up to! However, if you have a large enough following- i think it could be a great tool to use if you had a appropriate question that you needed answered right away. For example, “What does everybody think of this new software?” It also seems useful for sharing some of your blog posts. However, I would never share each and every one. If your followers want that type of notification they can subscribe to your feed. Hope I helped!

  4. @Blog for Beginners (Yan)- Thanks for following! I may not feed you any relevant stuff (i.e. marketing material) for a while- at least not until I really have the hang of it. But I promise I’ll start soon!

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