A Cry for GoErie Help

GoErie.com logoI’ve posted a few (to say the least) posts talking about how the usability of the GoErie site could be drastically improved (1-Brief Go Erie Web 2.0 evaluation, 2-Go Erie: One Month Later, and 3-Go Erie…still the same site). Kristin Lynch, Interactive Brand Manager for GoErie.com even commented on my second post about GoErie thanking me for my evaluation and saying that “some [of the suggestions] are worth adding now. It’s been 7 months since that comment- I have yet to see any of my suggestions put into effect. In fact, when compared to the screen shots I took in November, the site looks exactly the same. An Erie Blogs reader recently took a screenshot and wrote in about the “Help Wanted” section of the GoErie Classifieds page. Apparently “none of these links have worked in 3 months,” as claimed by the reader who sent in the screenshot, which can be viewed here, along with comments by the author of the post. I couldn’t agree more with Dennis Weed, the author of the Erie Blogs post:

“BetaJohn has tried and tried to get Erie Times News and GoErie to fix their problem with the employment classified links. The Help Wanted link was recently fixed to reflect their switch over to HotJobs but none of the links for the sub-categories work. Maybe one of the job listings is for help in their IT department or a management position. If someone takes the time to make that graphic and email me, they are frustrated. Please fix it.”

Thanks Dennis, for sharing this concern brought up by one of your readers.


3 thoughts on “A Cry for GoErie Help

  1. Everyone knows goerie.com is terrible. Try to locate the wedding section online– it takes a bit to find wedding announcements. To find announcements older than one week is an even harder task.

    So many local websites lack updates both in content and information. I’m not going to hold my breath but a lot of news outlets think their websites are fine.

    The “Customer Experience” in Erie whether in store or online is often targeted towards the business owners likes and desires. They do not keep their customers in mind enough. It’s a selfish attitude and it limits growth.

  2. I just want to make one thing clear.

    Erie Times News, GoErie, Lake Erie Lifestyle, Global Erie, CyberInk
    all part of the same Conglomerate.

    Support Local Independent Businesses.

    90% of this countries payroll is from small businesses.

    Oh one more thing. Do the research, internet advertising, is becoming the last choice for informed media buyers. People don’t trust internet content or internet ads.

    • Paul,

      Thanks for your comment! I am very well aware of the conglomerate that makes up the Erie news sources, and want to ensure you and all of my other Erie readers that I AM supportive of GoErie and its affiliates, which is why I took the time to write this post and give my feedback, as well as others’. I want GoErie to become better, and serve us better.

      As for your claim that internet advertising is becoming last choice, i have to respectfully disagree. Internet advertising is on the rise- perhaps not the “traditional” type of internet advertising, but through social media, microblogging, and viral videos.

      Also, using the internet as a news source is becoming increasingly more popular than print- in fact, a picture posted via Twitter was the first of the US Airways flight that “landed” in the Hudson. This is even more of a reason for our local news “conglomerate” to learn how to use the internet to their advantage in order to be more successful!

      Thanks again for your comment, I invite you to become a regular reader so we can further discuss Erie and any issues surrounding it!

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