What do women want? Sunday Statistics on a Monday, Ed. 11

What Women want? To look and feel goodHappy Memorial Day, everybody! I hope you enjoyed your cookouts, your picnics, your hot dogs, and your fireworks! I certainly had a very enjoyable and relaxing weekend, as I am sure you did, as well.

Since I missed my weekly post yesterday, we’re going to have a Sunday Statistics: Monday edition! Today’s statistics deal with what women want, and is brought to us by Meredith Corporation and NBC Universal, who conducted a survey, of over 3,000 women, entitled “What Do Women Want?” The press release was released May 21 of 2008.

I frequently discuss how understanding our target audience is key when crafting our promotional messages to be most effective. Debbie Reichig, Senior Vice President of Market Development at NBC Universal agrees, stating that:

“It is particularly important for marketers in the health and wellness category to have a clear understanding of women’s behaviors, motivations and thoughts so that the messaging they create will resonate and have enhanced impact.”

“The nationwide “What do Women Want?” survey of 3,000 women covered a wide range of topics important to women, including marriage and family, health and fitness, safety, and financial matters.” (MarketingCharts.com)

The results of the study, to me, seem typical, as the media today has morphed womens’ minds to worry about one thing over all others: beauty and weight. From a young age, we are brought up around ultra thin models in magazines, thin teenage role models on our favorite Disney shows, and then, eventually, the extremely attractive doctors in scrubs on our favorite hour long dramas.

We are a society of image, and it is reflected in womens’ health priorities as found in this survey.

The Statistics

When it comes to health, the top ten health concerns of women are:

1. Diet/weight control (56%)
2. Eating well/nutrition (36%)
3. Allergies (27%)
4. Aging process (26%)
5. Mental health (25%)
6. Arthritis (24%)
7. Cancer (23%)
8. Cardiovascular/heart health (20%)
9. Diabetes (18%)
10. Menopause (18%)

Many women are skipping important medical examinations, annual physicals and screenings:

  • Less than two-thirds (59%) of all women get an annual physical, even lower among Gen Y women (44%)
  • Nearly one-third of Boomer women are not getting their important annual mammograms, cholesterol checks or physicals
  • 62% of women regularly give themselves a breast self-examination, while only 14% of all women get a skin cancer screening at least once a year

Womens’ self confidence and identity were also measured:

  • 68% of women like who they are inside and are satisfied with their “identity and development as an individual.”
  • Only 40% say they are satisfied with their physical appearance
  • 37% say they are satisfied with their energy levels.
  • Four in 10 women report that they are more than 20 pounds overweight
  • 29% of Gen Y women say they are at their ideal weight vs. 9% of Gen X and 7% of Boomer women

While 60% of women are not satisfied with their physical appearance, most don’t want to work very hard to achieve a healthy lifestyle, opting for simple solutions like drinking more water or eating more fruits and vegetables over the more effective approaches: exercising regularly, counting calories, etc. What women do to maintain a healthy lifestyle include:

  • Drink more water (80%)
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables (70%)
  • Read nutritional labels (49%)
  • Avoid foods that are high in fat (47%)
  • Make a conscious effort to lower calorie intake (44%)
  • Watch my sugar intake (44%)
  • Exercise at least three times a week (43%)

The answer that was found to the question “What do women want?” was found to be: To look and feel good.

Please visit the Meredith Corporation Press Release on this survey for more statistics.

Statistics Summary

Although staying fit and at your body type’s ideal weight is a factor in overall good health, it is only a piece of a pro-actively healthy lifestyle. Women should be just as concerned with prevention of diseases and conditions that do not impact their appearance- diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

From a marketing perspective, if you’re marketing to women in general, you’re mainly marketing to an audience that wants to look and feel good with as little work as necessary.

Please visit Meredith Corporation to review the complete release and find more information about the study.

(Image by chotda)


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