Importance of Benchmarks and Statistics in Marketing

I’ve stressed before the importance of keeping up with your competition in prior posts. Today, I’d like to stress it again. So here I go: It is extremely important for you to know what actions your competitors are taking, and what tactics they are implementing in terms of your marketing and advertising strategies, so that you can borrow from their success and reach your maximum potential.

If you become familiar which tactics others find successful, you can optimize your actions to match your competitor’s efficient techniques and become equally, if not more, successful.

Reach your maximum potential by borrowing from others’ success.

The following are some excellent benchmark reports offered my MarketingSherpa, a research firm specializing in tracking what tactics work, and what doesn’t, in all aspects of Marketing. I’ve used many benchmark studies in past years, including the Email Marketing Benchmark Handbook.

Please check them out and consider purchasing a copy or two for your organization so that you can benefit from others’ experiences and success stories.

2008 Online Advertising Handbook + Benchmarks2008 Online Advertising Handbook + Benchmarks:

Discover online marketing secrets in order to maximize your online advertising and new media marketing success. Find fact-based data for online advertising strategy, tactics, and general know how, gathered from a survey of over 500 advertisers and marketers currently participating in advertising with online media channels.

This handbook includes over 116 tables and charts full of numbers and statistics, and thirty images and creative samples to inspire your creative materials. This handbook + benchmarks will:

  • Help you better understand online advertising and its relationship to the broader marketing picture.
  • Help you grasp the mechanics of effective networked digital marketing.
  • Give you a practical guide to planning, designing, executing, and measuring an online ad campaign that will give you results you seek.

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2008 Landing Page HandbookNewly Revised, 2008 Landing Page Handbook

In prior posts I’ve talked about the importance of optimizing your landing page design to fit the needs of those brought there by paid search links, email messages, direct mail pieces, or other sources. Landing Page optimization is an art. This extremely useful handbook will talk about every aspect of the site that can be tweaked, form locations, above the fold information, navigation, etc.

Use this handbook to raise conversions by up to 55% or more for search, email, and ad campaigns for lead generation, e-commerce, and blogs. The handbook includes:

  • Step-By-Step Instructions for each step of landing page design, including copy, graphics, layout, buttons, typeface, video, audio, and top four types of testing. Plus, “skunk works” tips.
  • Creative Samples & Case Studies to use as design aids and inspiration for your new landing pages. Includes multivariate test results and real-life marketer’s stories. ( Click for a list of brands featured)
  • Specific help for search engine optimization, B2B marketers, e-commerce sites, email marketers, offline advertisers and even bloggers.

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Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008

Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008

I’ve personally used the 2006 Email Marketing Benchmark Guide from MarketingSherpa, and I can’t say how much it helped in the curriculum development of the Comprehensive Guide to Successful Email Marketing Course offered by eBizITPA in Erie, PA.

The research provided in the Benchmark Guide allows you to recognize and replicate email marketing best practices to allow you to maximize your potential conversions with email marketing.

The contents of this guide include the results from an in-depth survey of over 1,200 marketers that have hands on email marketing experiences. With 328 pages of statistics, charts, images, and eyetracking heatmaps, you’re bound to find either that one statistic you’ve been looking for or the secret to increasing your email marketing success.

This year’s edition also includes four new special reports, including the results of a spam complainers survey, in which 3,000 consumers who had recently hit the “spam” button in their email clients were surveyed to discover their feelings about emails arriving too frequently, irrelevant emails, and other thoughts on advertising and marketing messages.

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Be sure to check out all of MarketingSherpa’s benchmark guides, research reports, educational conferences and classes, webinars, and everything they have to offer. They are an incredible marketing research company that have never disappointed me in the past.


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