More About Mobile Marketing: Sunday Statistics Ed. 10

Image by IamSamI’ve talked a lot about mobile marketing on this blog, including an edition of Sunday Statistics stating its wide usage already. However, in the spirit of reporting balanced material, today’s edition of Sunday Statistics will talk about some of the troubles mobile marketers are facing, as reported by Media Analyst Screen Digest with a study entitled Mobile Media Advertising Opportunities: The market for advertising on TV, video, and games.

The Statistics

The good news- According to this recently published report, the market for rich media advertising on mobile devices will reach $2.79 billion by the year 2012, the majority of it consisting of mobile TV advertisements.

The bad news- Although mobile TV will bring in 20% of its revenues with advertising, it will struggle to be considered a stand alone advertising channel without its own set of metrics

  • Advertising within Mobile Video-on-Demand applications will be small in comparison to the overall mobile market.
  • According to this report, games, user generated content, and music will disappoint in terms of delivering advertising revenues, but will provide a marketing opportunities for brands aspiring to interact with their customers.
  • The study predicts that over 60 million ad-funded mobile games will be downloaded per year, worldwide, by the year 2012.

The study also revealed something we already know- Mobile Marketing is just getting started. It is still a small market- only 15% of the advertising executives surveyed had used mobile advertising at all. Of those who HAD used it:

  • 75% had used mobile content at least once as a promotional item
  • 67% had placed an ad in rich media at least once.

Reasons for not incorporating mobile advertising his into ad campaigns included:

  • Poor user experience and usability
  • handset limitations
  • lack of clear measurement metrics.

Statistics Summary:

This study has shown us that, although it is still in its infancy, mobile marketing WILL be a major contributor of advertising revenue, whether it be through mobile television advertisement or video on demand sponsors. Advertisement Supported Games will also be downloadable to consumers free of charge, which could benefit your customers.

I think this study repeats what we already know: get ready to start using mobile advertising and marketing strategies to reach your consumers. Mobile phones are one of the few items that many consumers carry around with them everywhere- let’s learn how to use the mobile phone as an advertisement in the consumers’ back pockets.

(Image by IamSAM.)

Mobile Marketing Book

Learn More

Want to learn more? Check out the book by Alex Michael and Ben Salter, Mobile Marketing: Achieving Competitive Advantage through Wireless Technology. This 256 page book seems to cover ever facet of mobile and wireless marketing to help its readers understand the very essence of the medium. Since mobile marketing has become a mainstream marketing tool in a world where such a high percentage of consumers carry and live by their mobile phones and PDAs, marketers should learn specific strategies to tap its potential. This book includes techniques for planning and implementing a wireless marketing campaign, international case studies to demonstrate mobile marketing techniques in the real world, and many more angles to the complex area of mobile marketing. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “More About Mobile Marketing: Sunday Statistics Ed. 10

  1. Mobile marketing should take off very reason. As they see, whenever a lot of people are using it, companies will find a way to stick their ads on it.

  2. Content providers and agencies will need to be very creative in order to minimise the impact of advertising on a mobile phone. Bear in mind that responding to an advert typically means losing the current page, and getting back becomes difficult.

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