Why websites don’t convert

Holly BuchananThe majority of organizations’ websites serve as the hub of their communication- with each other and with their customers. Unfortunately, the majority of organizations fail to use this potentially effective tool to successfully reach and convert any potential new and returning customers.

On Thursday, April 18, at the beautiful Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, PA, Holly Buchanan of Future Now Inc, based in New York City, spoke at eBizITPA‘s King Conversion: Websites that Sell conference, pointing out the obvious and sharing the not so obvious reasons why your websites may not be reaching its full potential.

I was lucky enough to attend the event, and feverishly wrote down as much as I possibly could so that I would remember every tip that she mentioned. It was a tremendous presentation, I only wish those of you who missed out could have attended.

I’m part of the Erie eMarketing Special Interest Group (SIG), and often cover these types events for the eMarketing SIG Blog. This conference resulted in a two part post series for this blog. To learn why websites don’t convert, and how you can increase your website conversion, visit the links to the following two posts on the eMarketing SIG Blog:

Holly Buchanan Increases Conversion during the King Conversion Conference

Were you lucky enough to be able to attend the event? Please leave a comment discussing the value you gained by attending the conference!


2 thoughts on “Why websites don’t convert

  1. Next time you should bring a tape recorder so you don’t miss anything! And that way you could share with us the things at the event!

    Woohoo! And congrats on winning the 360 in Cow’s contest… I’ll buy it off you! 😛


  2. Erica, thank you for your summary of Holly Buchanan’s presentation at the Websites that Sell conference. It makes a nice way for anyone who could not attend to gain insights into Holly’s session and Future Now’s methodology for developing a dialog with online buyers and consumers. Our feedback from the conference has been overwhelmingly positive with people telling us they were able to take actionable ideas back and execute on their websites. Unfortunately, FutureNow does not allow taping of their sessions since their methodology is a patented asset of their business.

    However, if anyone would like to listen to an interview performed with Holly prior to the conference on Persuasion Architecture, Personas and ROI…then get the low down by following the link below and scroll down to a graphic with Holly that says Listen!


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