Where are we watching Online Video: Sunday Statistics Ed. 7

As previously discussed, online video is a very large part of Web 2.0 and the online environment as we know it today. So, what are the sites and online locations where individuals go to search for and watch online videos?  I found a recent study by Nielsen Online‘s online video measurement tool, VideoCensus(*pdf). Enjoy!

The Statistics

  • In February 2008, there were 115,799,000 unique online video viewers, each averaging about 55 streams each during that month. That’s almost two video streams per day.
  • YouTube was the site with the most total streams and unique viewers in February 2008, with 2,918,799,000 streams and 70,222,000 unique YouTube Video viewers.
  • The closest online video site was Fox Interactive Media, with about 405 million total streams and 21 million unique viewers.
  • Fox Interactive Media was followed by Yahoo!, MSN/Windows Live, Nickelodeon, Google, Disney Online, Turner Entertainment New Media Network, ESPN, and AOL Media Network.

The target audience for many online video creators are younger individuals, as they believe they are most likely to be utilizing online video. The top online destinations for video consumers aged 12-24 are as follows

  1. Broadcaster (66% of unique viewers are between 12-24)
  2. Buzznet.com (65%)
  3. Gaia Online (62%)
  4. Warner Brothers Records (61%)
  5. Facebook (60%)
  6. iMac (56%)

In conjunction with a previous Sunday Statistics edition I released, there is an interest in online video activity of individuals aged 55+. Here is what they are watching:

  • 74% of eBay viewers are made up of Video Consumers 55+
  • 53% of Glam Media viewers are made up of video consumers 55+
  • 52% of the Onion viewers are made up of video consumers 55+

Statistics Summary

I believe this round of Sunday Statistics revealed some particularly interesting realities in the world of online media.

Personally, I watch the most online videos at ABC.com, as I usually am not able to catch the shows I like to watch when they are on regular television. I was surprised to see that ABC was absent in the top ten sites for online viewing. However, I was not surprised at all to see that YouTube was by far the most popular site for online videos, accumulating 7x the amount of the total streams accumulated by the closest competitor, Fox Interactive Media.

In regards to the most popular sites for the 12-24 age group, I was extremely surprised to see that only 60% of the online video viewers of Facebook fell into that age group. However, I suppose this proves that those who did not “grow up” with Facebook during college are joining now to benefit from the networking possibilities available.


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