5 Ridiculously Obvious Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing can be an incredibly in-depth and complicated science. It can take years of studying and experience to truly reach the ideal formula that will yield you the most creative, intriguing email copy and creative that will be most effective in conversions.

However, many of us don’t have that time. For the hundreds of individuals just dipping our toes into email marketing, here are five ridiculously obvious, but often overlooked tips for effective email marketing:

  1. Use buttons in addition to text links. Time after time, in study after study, buttons out perform text links. People are more likely to click through your email if you’re using buttons. Need some proof? Check out this March 2008 aweber study.
  2. Find the right frequency. Don’t touch base too much, but don’t let them forget about you, either. Depending on your type of publication and your area of interest to your readers, your ideal frequency will vary. I would suggest sending out once every two weeks, or once a week to start…or once a month if sending out email newsletters to start. See how that goes, and test to find the perfect frequency for you and your company.
  3. Refine your header material to be most effective. This includes your from name, from address, and subject line. Depending on the individuals’ email reader and personal settings, the way the header is displayed will vary. Keep your subject line and from name as short as possible, but still descriptive, to increase the likelihood that it, in its entirety will be able to be read in the inbox.
  4. Use alt tags and a text version. You don’t want your finely tuned message to go to waste because your recipient can’t see your images or doesn’t accept HTML messages.
  5. TEST, TEST, TEST. Yes, this is a boring one, and one that you probably hear all the time. But that’s because it is so important! Test all aspects throughout your first few months of email marketing to find the most effective formula for you. Also, be sure to send to a review group to ensure you have no silly mistakes or typos.

Note: This post, in addition to helping my readers who are just getting started with email marketing, was created to be a part of Network Blogging Tips Blogging Challenge of creating a list post. Check it out and consider joining!


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