Survey: Manage Your Own Email Campaign or Let Somebody Else do it?

Manage Your Own Email Marketing Campaig

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I’m a strong believer in email marketing, as you’ve probably picked up on if you’ve been subscribed to my RSS feed. But what do I think about having an email marketing manager on staff vs. outsourcing an email marketing professional to do it for you? I’m a strong believer that after a company learns how to successfully run there on email campaigns, that they should have an on staff email marketing manager to manage their own campaigns. Disagree? Let me know in my survey!

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Now, to clarify, I’m not encouraging an in-house email service provider. I’m urging companies to hire an employee responsible solely for the management and creation of emails sent through your company, either by using an in-house or other email service provider.

Why? Taking out the middle man can greatly reduce costs, save time, and result in easier access to campaign statistics and analytics. For example, suppose you have discussed with your email marketing professional (outsourced) that you would like your email newsletter to go out on Tuesday afternoon at 12:15. Tuesday morning at 10 am you receive a phone call from a partner asking if you would mind placing a paragraph about an upcoming event they are holding into your newsletter. You have two hours to contact your professional and have them change it before the email is to go out. However, he or she may be in a meeting, or traveling, so they may be unable to reach a computer with internet access.

What do you think? Would you rather hand off your email marketing management to a professional who can design, write, and successfully send your emails with a high delivery rate, or would you rather pay for an employee to receive the training and have more flexibility with your email marketing? What’s your opinion?

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5 thoughts on “Survey: Manage Your Own Email Campaign or Let Somebody Else do it?

  1. Erica,

    You definitely must have an employee that can handle the position. I could not imagine having to call someone and talk to them, have them interpret what I want and then deliver it as I requested.

    The need to change things the day the email is scheduled to go out is reason enough alone to keep the responsibility in-house.

    The Upfront Mortgage Broker
    Joe Bartolotta

  2. If your outbound daily or weekly email volume is high enough, you could justify the position.

    Outsourcing to a firm that does email marketing 40 hours a week for several clients makes sense for clients who are have low email volume or are testing the waters.

    Privacy and compliance laws may drive more business to outsourcers, too.

    Of course, your company needs someone who can work with the outsourcers… someone who understands the issues, speaks the lingo, and can manage the relationship.

    I’ve said it before in 2004 and 2006: email is broken. The credibility of email as a marketing medium was destroyed years ago by UCE.

    When the mass market accepts RSS, email marketing will have to change or die.

  3. @UMB- I agree completely! Having an email marketing professional working in-house is much easier than having to outsource.

    @Billso: Those who can not afford to have an employee focused primarily on email marketing obviously should opt to outsource…However as they grow I strongly believe that they should plan on adding an email marketing professional to their team.

    I understand completely what you’re saying about email being “broken”—this is one aspect of email marketing that is completely misunderstood. Those that think email marketing is ineffective because of spam, or UCE, do not know how to efficiently use the tool to their advantage.

    Simply put, RSS does not have the personal factor email does. I receive about 150 new posts a day in my rss feed. I only receive about 10 a day in my email inbox. I skim my feed, I read my emails…many being promotional messages from companies who KNOW how to get my attention.

    Email marketing can be used effectively when paired with personal, relevant messages targeted at the recipient. The offer should be useful, “use this coupon,” instead of “buy this product.”

  4. Survey: Manage Your Own Email Campaign or Let Somebody Else do it? « eMarketing & New Media…

    This is a short article on the debate between in-house and outsourcing email marketing professionals. There’s also a short, one minute survey. Please participate! Thanks!…

  5. When I’m ready to run a serious email campaign, i’m heading straight here. I’ll do it myself but you’re telling me how :p

    Surrounding ones self with good peeps is a time proven road to success!

    Running an email campaign is one of the few things I haven’t needed to do online, yet.

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