Create a Blog Post and Win an XBox 360

(Image by pabuk)

Okay, so maybe this prize doesn’t have anything to do with e-marketing. Maybe the process required to win it doesn’t really even teach you about marketing. But, the chance to win a free Xbox 360 Elite and a copy of the new Grand Theft Auto IV to be released at the end of April for doing nothing more than writing a posts and comments is something much to good to not announce.

John Chow of John is hosting the contest, sponsored by Top Hosting Center, a company claiming they have the “best web hosting plan on the web.”

The contest involves doing certain things to get you a set number of entries into the contest:

  • Write a short post about the contest on your own blog linking to the contest post and gain 250 “tickets.”
  • Become an affiliate of Top Hosting Center, receiving 50% commission for each sale you refer, as well as 250 “tickets” in this contest.
  • Every comment you leave on another blog’s latest post talking about and linking to this contest page will get you 25 tickets.
  • Leaving this contest link in a new forum thread will gain you 25 tickets
  • Mass message your MySpace or Facebook friends and gain 25 tickets
  • Subscribe to John and Top Hosting Center’s blog feeds and get 25 more tickets
  • Give the contest post a thumbs up on StumbleUpon and receive 10 tickets.

You can gain entries in this contest until April 30th, when the winner will be picked in a lottery type contest. There seems to be a lot of potential for gaining entries into the drawing, so get started now! You only have 28 days left to generate a thousand entries…so go promote it, and good luck!


15 thoughts on “Create a Blog Post and Win an XBox 360

  1. Nice to see a lot of entries for this comp! What better to attract people than an xbox 360, lol. Well good luck to you! I’m entering as well so, good luck to me too, i hope 😀

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