$400 Savings on MarketingSherpa Conference

I’ve mentioned before that I think webinars, conferences and seminars can be extremely valuable resources to help increase your overall business goals. MarketingSherpa, a research firm specializing in tracking successful and unsuccessful marketing strategies, is holding its 8th annual conference, Selling Online Subscriptions Summit 2008. This two day event begins Monday, May 12 at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City.

Learn from MarketingSherpa’s extensive research on the strategies that will be most successful in paid online subscription building via email marketing. This year’s Summit offers eleven in-depth, carefully selected case studies, including successful implementation of paid search campaigns, effective landing page executions, developing a sound message strategy to implement with the subscription offer, and best practices to help you tie all this together. Also look forward to talking with two excellent panels so that you can learn, firsthand, what works in gaining online subscriptions in today’s economy.

Benefits of attending this event include:

  • Attend an opening night cocktail reception
  • Eleven advanced case studies from campaigns executed in 2007.
  • Two hour long discussions with panels discussing web 2.0 strategies, the latest research on paid content marketing, and other valuable pieces of information to boost your sales
  • Speaking with and hearing from presenters from industry leading companies, such as Hoovers.com
  • Several opportunities to meet and network with your industry peers
  • As an attendee, you will also have the opportunity to upgrade to the Expert Subscription Marketing Package which includes Landing Page Optimization Certification Course, a 6-session online and on demand course proven to help you increase conversions

If you register before April 15th, you will qualify for up to a $400 discount on the price of the package you decide to purchase. I would encourage you to learn more by visiting the main page of the Marketing Sherpa Summit Selling Online Subscriptions 2008.

  • Basic Package: $100 discount = $1295
  • Upgrade Package: $400 discount=$1990

Also, be on the look out for my announcement of some extremely valuable conferences coming up in the Erie, PA area, for under $150. Even after travel expenses, the value you will get out of the presenters and speakers attending the events will far outweigh the price you paid. Subscribe to my RSS feed to stay updated!


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