Belated Easter Story and an Egg Hunt

I grew up with about 30 cousins, and we had an Easter tradition every year, an Easter Egg Hunt! Our parents would all bring a bag of plastic eggs, each containing a piece of candy and a coin (nickel, dime, quarter, sometimes even a dollar!).

The older kids would go outside with all of the eggs and hide them while us younger kids sat inside and waiting until they were finished. Then, we’d all run outside into my grandma’s massive yard and search. We’d find them in the pine tree, on the windowsill of the garage, on our parents’ cars parked in the yard, and even in my older cousins’ pockets.

Eventually, I got too old to search for the eggs and turned into one of the “older cousins,” hiding the eggs from my younger cousins. But that didn’t seem as exciting as getting all that money and candy!

I heard about Caroline Middlebrook’s Easter Egg hunt from my RSS reader, and I was instantly intrigued! An Easter egg hunt?? I’ haven’t done that in years! Caroline is making it a contest, giving you 5 entries into the drawing for each Easter Egg you found, hidden somewhere in the extensive amount of posts on her blog.

It took me a few days, but I found them all!!, giving me 150 entries into the contest!! Ten participants will win Caroline’s all new StumbleUpon traffic course. Yay! But even if I don’t win, I will have still won, as a good old fashioned Easter Egg hunt is something I’ve been longing for for a long time!

You still have time to participate in the hunt, but hurry! As the deadline is March 25 (tomorrow) at 9 AM! Please check out Caroline’s blog sometime if you haven’t. She’s a wonderful resource, and a very smart woman! Enjoy the links/ easter eggs!


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