Sunday Stats: Edition 1

Online Video StatisticsMany bloggers do something special on a certain day. Shoemoney has “Free T-shirt Friday” (which was an ingenius idea I wish I would have thought of), Caroline Middlebrook has “Caroline’s Favourite Links,” Daily Blog Tips has “Link Tips.”

After much consideration, I decided to create Sunday Statistics, where I will offer my readers a small amount of statistics that may help them better understand their target audience. I have a few resources that will give me consistent stats every week, from which I will choose the most appropriate for my audience: online and offline marketers.

The Statistics

This week we’ll discuss online video and it’s youthful audience. According to Leichtman Research Group (LRG) and their study, online video growth fueled by individuals:

  • 42% of individuals between the ages of 18-34 watch video online at home at least once per week.
  • Only 15% of those 35+ watch videos online at home weekly.
  • 40% of the online video audience accounts for men 18-34.

Interestingly enough, a survey part of the LRG study Emerging Video Services II found:

  • 52% of online video viewers typically spend no more than ten minutes watching each video.
  • Only 4% strongly agree that they would consider disconnecting their TV service to only watch video online.

Statistics Summary

So, what can we say about our audience of online video users?

  • They are primarily between the ages of 18 and 34
  • It is more likely they are men than women.
  • Most only view clips or videos ten minutes or less
  • The medium is not yet strong enough to take over television.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Sunday Statistics. If you have any requests for what kind of statistics should be featured next week or in the future, please let me know, as I will be more than happy to scourge the net for the numbers you are looking for. Simply contact me via email at


5 thoughts on “Sunday Stats: Edition 1

  1. Nice. Looks like you found a niche and Sunday is definitely an underutilized day to post. Keep them coming. I especially like the summary with a little explanation about what the stats mean.

  2. @Kyle- Thanks for your feedback! I wanted to come up with something unique and relevant to my readers! Since many our marketers, I figure a little statistics every week can be very beneficial.

    @Upfront Mortgage Broker: I agree completely. Online video is STILL on the rise. Marketers should NOT fall behind in this area, as it can greatly enhance a marketing campaign!!

  3. Cool idea! Will definately follow you every Sunday, to catch the latest stats. You really are a nice blogger to have in my blogging neigbourhood 🙂

    In fact, I’m also facinated by some of these stat stories. BTW, did you know, one in every five Americans are willing to give up sex, just to spend few more hours on internet? (

    And, only 2% of the Yotube users, actually added a video themselves? (I can’t remember the source). These are some of the good stuff I’ve come across. Hope to see more from you, every Sunday.


  4. Sunday Stats: Edition 1- Online Video Statistics!

    Post 1 in a weekly series to expose the many statistics that many marketers are looking for!! This first edition is about online video and the new generation of internet users.

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