Guest Post Available: Marketing to Minors

Marketing to MinorsI recently wrote a guest post for PandemicBlog, the corporate blog for Pandemic Labs, “a marketing firm that specializes in viral and social media marketing” (Pandemic Labs). I emphasized the great value of their viral marketing glossary and extensive research page in a previous post, and must mention again what a great resource their blog is. If you’re looking for some great advice on viral marketing, word of mouth methods, and internet marketing in general, you should definitely include the PandemicBlog in your RSS Feed Reader.

My guest post, Marketing to Minors and the Younger Generation, was a topic suggested to me by Pandemic Labs that I had immediate thoughts on. In this new online world including literally hundreds of customer touch points, marketing is a brand new game, especially when targeting those who are utilizing many of these touch points every day. Check it out if you’re at all interested!

Check out a few of my picks from the collection of PandemicBlog posts:


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