February Introduces an Interview with Google Founders

Personal Branding Magazine Issue 3In a world where search marketing, blogging, online forums, and other online mediums, we should pay close attention to our personal brands, understanding the influence they have over our overall success. Issue #3 of the Personal Branding Magazine focuses on that very topic: influence in the world of online marketing.

The online magazine features the founders of Google on the cover, and an in depth interview with them in the center. Along with the Google Kings in this issue are: the founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, and the founder of Lifehacker.com, Gina Trapani.

Having read this issue thoroughly, I can attest to the sincere value included. There are some great little surprise articles hidden throughout the magazine written by little known, but big thinking individuals.

For only $12.95, you can get an annual subscription to the Personal Branding Magazine. That’s four issues of this magazine full of some great insights and information to help you manage your online reputation and personal brand as effectively as possible.

Still skeptical? You can download a sample issue with portions of interviews with the Google founders, Matt Mullenweg, and more before you buy!

Still not ready to purchase the full PDF of the online magazine? Check out the promotional video on YouTube, where you can hear commentary by the publisher of the magazine, and personal brander Dan Schwabel.


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