The Easy SEO Report- Free!

The Easy SEO ReportWhile browsing my blog feeds yesterday, I came across a link to Josh Spaulding‘s “The Easy SEO Report,” a free e-book, white paper, article, whatever you want to call it, and can not be more pleased.

Although I have not yet read it in its entirety of 15 pages quite yet, I have been browsing since last night and think that is the perfect resources for SEO beginners who may not be able to quite grasp the length and detail of SEO resources such as Aaron Wall’s SEO book (which is also a great resource, if you want another, more comprehensive SEO guide.)

Not only is the content in the report easy to both understand and implement, but Josh is allowing those who have downloaded his report to share the resource with others, and earn a 20 cent referral fee for each free download they refer! That’s right, downloading this free report here will earn me 20 cents.

And, once you download it, you will also be given a referral link so you can begin making a small amount of money by just spreading the good news.



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10 thoughts on “The Easy SEO Report- Free!

  1. Thanks for the plug, Erica. There are alot of good ebooks and reports on SEO, but unfortunately they focus on many minuscule aspects that may or may not help instead of focusing on what’s really important.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the report 🙂

    Thanks again,

  2. @Josh- your welcome! Thanks for the great report and unique opportunity to earn a few bucks!

    @Michael- thanks for the appreciation. I noticed that you, too are sharing this great report in your post…good luck and thanks for the discovery credit!

  3. Erica,

    I just sent you 20 cents. I came across you after reading a comment you made on another blog about Aweber and their competitors. I will be adding you to my RSS feed and looking forward to future posts. I may be in need of your services, my industry is in the toilet and I need new and different ways to connect with future clients.

    Joe Bartolotta

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