5 Reasons Mobile Kicks Tushie

Cell NumbersNot unlike others, I’m extremely excited about the potential of mobile marketing in today’s new media world. Sure, there has been much discussion on how spam is beginning to crowd the SMS (text) messages on our cell phones, including a complete rant by me. However, I decided not to let the dishonest spammers ruin my willingness to give mobile marketing a chance, as a consumer! That’s right, from a consumer’s stand point, I’m extremely excited about how this marketing medium can help me? Why? Let’s take a look.

1. My number one reason is the possibilities of RFID (radio frequency identification) technologies embedded into mobile devices today.

Imagine that you’re late to work. You had to park in the meter lot 5 blocks away and you’re rushing to work. Your phone buzzes but you ignore it. Upon arriving at your office, you check your phone to find a coupon for a 1/2 price latte from Starbucks. How did it get there? The RFID reader in the Starbucks store that you passed while sprinting down the sidewalk recognized that your phone was RFID enabled, and sent you a coupon to lure you into the store.

starbucksBut, you didn’t go in to utilize the coupon. Wasn’t it a waste? A half priced anything at Starbucks is enticing to me, so I would use the coupon during lunchtime, or tomorrow morning, assuming I’m not running late again. Wouldn’t you?

The possibilities with RFID and mobile phones are endless.


2. YouTube and video streams on cell phones. Phones that support this kind of content are becoming more and more popular, and mobile service providers are working with YouTube to provide the full library of videos to subscribers. This opens up opportunities for internet marketing to mesh with mobile marketing. Your promotional, viral video can now be sent via video messaging through cellular phones!

3. Short and media messaging services. That’s SMS and MMS for those who understand these terms better- or text, picture, and video messaging for those younglings out there (yes, that’s right, when it comes to cell phone technology savviness, I feel like I’m ready to retire). Possibilities here? Viral marketing videos, text coupons, and sending pictures of your cute puppy to friends!

4. iPhone has set the bar for how mobile devices should be made. Since its introduction, several companies have began the iPhonedevelopment for a bigger and better iPhone, or simply an equivalent to compete with the ground-breaking features included in the device. My favorite? The Helio Ocean.

5. Free stuff. Heard the campaigns asking you to “text abc to 12345 to receive your free gift”? Its a simple value exchange. You get a free entry into the contest, and they’ll send you coupons and notifications when that pair of shoes you’ve been ogling finally go on sale.

Mobile marketing is on the rise. As a consumer, I’m so excited about all the advantages. As a marketer, I’m even more ecstatic, as the future possibilities are endless if you apply a little creativity to all the technologies out there.

What are your favorite mobile marketing methods / features?

Mobile Marketing BookWant to learn more? Check out the book by Alex Michael and Ben Salter, Mobile Marketing: Achieving Competitive Advantage through Wireless Technology. This 256 page book seems to cover ever facet of mobile and wireless marketing to help its readers understand the very essence of the medium. Since mobile marketing has become a mainstream marketing tool in a world where such a high percentage of consumers carry and live by their mobile phones and PDAs, marketers should learn specific strategies to tap its potential. This book includes techniques for planning and implementing a wireless marketing campaign, international case studies to demonstrate mobile marketing techniques in the real world, and many more angles to the complex area of mobile marketing. Check it out!

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8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Mobile Kicks Tushie

  1. I think you hit on something that will be more and more sought after – video. Being able to deliver a short bit of information to customers or clients through a video will be a much better way to communicate than a newsletter or text email or even text message.

  2. I’ve heard that they are actually testing the Visa “PayPass” as a chip installed in cell phones so you just swipe your phone to pay for something. Also you mentioned RFID it makes me wonder if you couldn’t accomplish something similar with GPS? Either way it just goes to show that someone will always know where we are if we want that or not. Kind of creepy but then reassuring at the same time.

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