Cl1p It! Cool Online Tool logoI was sitting in my father’s office today. We were each on a computer, and he asked me to find a link for him. I found it, and he asked me to read it off so he could visit the site. Since it was one of those links that ended in %2&it…, etc. I asked him if I could instant message it to him. Of course, he wasn’t online and either didn’t feel like, or couldn’t sign on. So, I remembered a cool online tool I found while stumbling via StumbleUpon,, an “internet clipboard.” Not being able to recall the name of it, I returned to my bookmarks and found This site is extremely easy to use in order to copy and paste text, or transfer small files between two computers.


You simply type in any URL starting with For example Once you type in the URL, you will see a similar screen:

Blank Clip

Once here, you can type in your content, or upload your small file. Once you do this, and press the “save” button. Your content will be available on that URL for the time frame set. So, you can visit that URL from any other computer and gain access to that particular content.

This was very helpful this morning, and I’m sure I’ll be using it quite often from now on. I would encourage others to check it out and let me know if you found it as useful as I have. Are there any other creative ways this site can be used?

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