MacBook “Barely Th”Air

MacBook Air 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 64GB SSDSteve Jobs recently announced the new MacBook Air, which I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now. So thin it can fit into an envelope, it certainly is “thinnovative” as some ads have declared. Very cool, sleek, durable, and light, allowing for easy travel. However, what do we give up to be able to carry around a laptop in an envelope? Why would anyone ever carry around a laptop in an envelope?

My biggest pet peeve with the “thinnovative” product? Minimal amount of ports (only one USB), and no disc drive. Apple‘s solution? Well, with the wireless capabilities of the MacBook Air, you can “borrow” the disc drive of a nearby computer when you need to install software from a CD or watch a DVD. Or, you can purchase a separate disc drive to connect to the MacBook Air.

So, you’re saying I need to either buy another computer or a disc drive in order to get the full experience of this Mac, when I’m already paying $3,000? No thanks. I’ll stick to my $1000, five pound computer with a built in disc drive.

You can find a lot of MacBook Air ad parodies on YouTube and elsewhere online. This is my favorite. Enjoy!

Apple LogoI would love to hear from somebody who’s used or owns the MacBook Air. I’m not denying that some could find this innovative laptop extremely useful in certain situations.

So, is the MacBook Air worth the hefty price tag?

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4 thoughts on “MacBook “Barely Th”Air

  1. I really don’t see how it’s more useful than a regular laptop in any situation, unless you’re trying to impress someone. Sure it’s thin, but what else really defines it? Being that’s it’s thin, I don’t feel that it would be any more durable than a “normal” sized laptop. Put a solid state disk drive in a HP or IBM and drop both of them; I’d put money down that the Air would be in worse shape.

    I think Apple should have made the introductory price far lower than it is; The weight/thickness of the product does not make up for less features. I’m also curious to see how well it dissipates heat. One suggestion I would have had for Apple though would be to borrow from the Panasonic CF-61 and place the DVD drive under the keyboard – Not only does it gain you an optical drive while keeping it hidden from view (aesthetic reasons), it’s very cool to see the laptop flip up and slide out the DVD tray like it’s a James Bond laptop.

  2. @Ron- I agree entirely. The fact that it’s thin is innovative, but serves no real purpose except for the “cool factor.” Thanks for your opinion!

  3. Funny & Feisty ad parody. I never liked even the name MacBook, as I feel it is one of the factors poisoning the well for true e-books, of which I’m a fan. It would be fun to hear from one of you Apple adepts of some of the more eccentric “because-we-can” semiconductor excesses of, say, the past 20 years. Some of them were ergonomic monstrosities. The first PDAs, for example. Who in heck ever thought that consumers would find it pleasant to write on glass with a hard stylus? I’m still laughing about that one. On the other hand, Mr. Jobs does have a way of getting in the last laugh…

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