Part 1: Upcoming ESP Reviews

email3I’ve written a few posts lately on the subject of email marketing, and I’ve gotten many questions and comments about email campaign management tools (ESPs), regarding their expense, features, and list size and email frequency limitations. Because it seems that the readers of this blog are curious about the different ESPs available, I have decide to review some popular email service providers (ESPs).

Throughout my next six posts, I will give you as much information as I can on sixpopular email campaign management tools that you can use to launch your email marketing campaign. In the eighth and final post of this series, I will provide a comparison of the six ESPs I have looked at.

I have chosen the following six email campaign management tools to review:

1. Constant Contact Review completed and posted here on January 20th.

2. Listrak

3. MailChimp

4. SubscriberMail

5. emailBrain

6. AWeber

Email Campaign Management tools are inherent to every successful email marketing campaign. If you have a permission based mailing list of more than 50 individuals, its worth it, and affordable to invest in an ESP. ESPs help you to increase your deliverability, maximize the effectiveness of your messages, and allow you to reveal your professional manner.

Email campaign management tools also greatly increases your chances of successfully complying with the CAN SPAM law, which 81% of email marketers don’t even know exist! These ESPs will automatically place your physical address, and an opt out link in each email that is sent. Most even keep you updated on any relevant laws to email marketing so you can stay compliant.

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6 thoughts on “Part 1: Upcoming ESP Reviews

  1. Would you mind checking into AWeber as well? Of the email marketing I’ve seen, AWeber was the most popular. And just doing a quick comparison of price and features, it seems to be the most cost effective ESP of your list.

  2. Kevin,

    Because you mentioned AWeber in previous posts, I did check it out, and decided that it didn’t really fit in directly with the list, as these providers are more “overall service providers,” where AWeber is most relevant for those running e-newsletters. There’s much more to email marketing than e-newsletters. However, for people like you, looking for a simple, inexpensive solution to e-newsletters, it may be just right.

    However, because you requested it, and the customer is always right, I will be happy to look further into this service and compare it with the rest.

    Thanks for your request! If there’s anything else I can do for you, just say the word!

  3. Oooh, let me know when that post goes live! I am negotiating with Listrak right now, but I am open to others that can offer tracking, demographics, and value.

    Also, I needed to scrub my lists and was referred to FreshAddress, but they wanted $4,500 to scrub my 50,000 double opt-in subscriber email database. Anyway, I decided to -instead- invest $1,000 of my time and I wrote an even better email list scrubber than they have (as mine will track the exact reason for the removal). Email me if you’re interested in discussing this. 🙂



  4. Brandon,

    Thanks for your enthusiasm! I hope you subscribe to my RSS feed so you’ll be notified of the reviews as they are posted. Thanks again!


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