New for 2008: Web 2.1!

Web 2.0 will save usThe idea of Web 2.0 and social media becoming “so 2007” is becoming a popular post on many blogs this year, as ideas of more advanced social media and more unusual and unique new media marketing are beginning to spread through the blogosphere. Posts with titles like “Will Web 2.0 Survive The New Year?” and “Windows Vista and Web 2.0: Are They Doomed?” are questioning the power of Web 2.0 in the new year of 2008.

My response to all this talk, Web 2.0, as defined as the second generation of web-based communities and hosted services with the purpose of harboring creativity, collaboration, collective sharing of information, and user generated content, is going nowhere. Sure, the term is getting old, so the “Web 2.0” we know today may soon be called “Social Webbing,” or maybe even “Web 2.5 or 3.0” as the technology progresses.

But the power of Web 2.0 is likely to increase in 2008, utilized especially for marketing, as more and more companies begin to recognize the potential of using the e-marketing and new media tools that make up Web 2.0, including social networking, social bookmarking, and social media sharing sites such as Digg, Sphinn, and StumbleUpon.

Despite claims that big sites will decide that they don’t want to put their reputation in the hands of individuals who may or may not tarnish their name, as social media and Web 2.0 is all about the users promoting or criticizing companies that put themselves into media through blog posts or social networking applications.

Straight to the Point: Web 2.0 isn’t going anywhere! I have a feeling 2008 holds a new and improved Web 2.0, Web 2.1, if you will, in store.

From Concepts to Creativity Be sure to check out Unleashing Web 2.0: From Concepts to Creativity, a great book by Gottfried Vossen and Stephan Hagemann that explains that Web 2.0 is, in essence, two way communication, and the starting point between your two way relationship with companies and their consumers. The authors help for you to understand this natural evolution of Web 2.0, as well as guiding you to the potential the future holds for Web 2.0 and new media applications that take advantage of the two way communication that is the essence of today’s web.

And be sure to check out my Other Recommended Reads, where I share with you several web 2.0 and new media books I have enjoyed and think you will enjoy, as well.

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7 thoughts on “New for 2008: Web 2.1!

  1. Web 2.0 is the “second generation” of online applications; the second wave of sophistication in the things you can do on the internet, so to speak.

  2. a lot of buzz is going around web 2.0 next steps, i strogly beleive in the internet of things or web 2.0 applications driven by sensors, i went to a conference last year about this how sensors data will merge with human contributions to create new apps : fire eagle from yahoo is one of this

  3. @Hajj: I couldn’t agree more. Social networking online is now carrying over to person to person relationships.

    @Herve: This is an extremely interesting concept that I would love to hear more about. Thanks for the post!

  4. Interesting idea. In way linkedin is doing something similar already. And it offers much more yet it does not seem to be widely spread as resume tool.

    On the other hand people that need interactive resumes are creating websites that feature their resumes, or portfolios.

    If the resume could be truly interactive and easy to make that would make it a viable idea.

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