Get others to link to you!

Roger BauerAs discussed in one of my previous posts, Tips for Implementing Web 2.0, having links to your site or pages within your site out on the web can greatly increase your relevancy, therefore increasing your ranking in search engines and increasing the likelihood of individuals finding your site.

I recently came across a blog post, 30 SEO Link Building Tips, which gives individuals some ideas as to how to get others to link to your site. The suggestions are simple, yet effective. Some involve a little more work, such as creating and maintaining a blog (trust me…this is a big responsibility to take on, but well worth it), and some suggestions involve activities that will take a few moments, such as creating a blogroll or using trackbacks on sites.

The list is a very good one, in my opinion, and feasible, as it was written by Roger Bauer, founder and CEO of SMB Consulting, Inc., a sales and marketing consulting agency that specializes in search engine optimization. He also hosts a weekly, hour long radio program called TheBauer Pauer Hauer, which airs every Thursday at 2pm on the Business channel.

SMB Consulting, IncBauer also has a very informative and interesting blog, the SMB Consulting blog, which i would encourage anybody to check out.

Be sure to check out the list, 30 SEO Link Building Tips, so that you can increase the likelihood of your valuable visitors finding your site via search engines.

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2 thoughts on “Get others to link to you!

  1. Erica,
    THANK YOU for posting a link to this article and tossing praise my way. 🙂 It’s very appreciated, and I’m glad you enjoyed the blog, article, and the radio show.

    If I can help you in any way, please contact me. Please revisit anytime.


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