Importance of Landing Pages

Deserted IslandEvery company with a website has a landing page, even if they are unaware of it. Landing pages are the sites that are linked to in the emails that companies send their customers requesting an action from them. “Visit our web site to learn more about us.” “Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about special sales!” The sites these calls to action link to are the landing pages. Sometimes, companies forget the importance in the links that these calls to action take our audience to. For example:

Should the link attached to “Visit our web site to learn more about us,” take the recipient to:

A. the company home page
B. the “about us” page
C. a page listing the products and services?

The company home page is NOT always the best landing page. If the visitor wants to learn more about you, their most likely not going to find the relevant information they need without clicking around some more to find the “about the company” page. Remember, once you get your audience interested enough to click through to your site, you want to ensure that you make them do as little work as possible in order for them to answer the call to action. In this example, the answer would be either B, or C, depending on which information you would most like to convey to your potential customers. If the link is located in an email where the goal is to entice to recipient to sign up for the e-newsletter mailing list, you would probably choose C. In an email where the goal is to have the individual purchase the company’s products or sign up for its service, you may want to lead the recipient to the “about us” page.

Landing pages are also the sites that paid search links take their customers to. Both these and the links in emails are chosen by the marketers. But what about the landing pages visited through organic search marketing? This shows the importance of well designed navigation and prevalent contact forms located on the appropriate pages of the site.

Want to learn more? For more tips on specific steps you should take to ensure the effectiveness of the landing page, contact me directly via email or by posting comments. I would be happy to share my knowledge with you, and perhaps directly help your company in designing your pages. Also, if you have your own tips on how to improve landing pages, please post it as a comment!Tim Ash

If you want to learn even more about how to optimize your landing pages in order to maximize your conversions, then check out Tim Ash’s book: Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions. This book will be released in January of 2008, but has already heard some positive advance praise about how it will enable you to stop guessing at the best design, and educate you on what studies have said the best practices are for maximizing your conversions. Check it out!

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8 thoughts on “Importance of Landing Pages

  1. Trisha,

    I have not found any references to meta files in my research on what makes an effective landing page. Perhaps you could explain in what sense you would be using the meta file. Feel free to link to a specific page, and I will be happy to give you any suggestions I may have. In the mean time, check out Jeanne Jenning’s article on Click Z, Seven Tips for Effective Landing Pages

  2. Trisha may be referring to the meta tags contained between the header tags of a webpage (keywords and description). I think the common understanding of meta tags is that they’re not as effective as they once were but can help. I’ve found that in building pages for the law firm I work for and that pages with this meta information tends to get decent hits related to those keywords and descriptions. In using either of those meta tags I would strongly recommend not loading it up with hundreds of words but limiting keywords to 5-7 and the description with no more than one sentence. Abuse meta tags and you’ll notice it will have a negative impact on your search rankings. Search for “abuse meta tags search rank” on Google to see what I mean.

    Sometimes you’ll notice that a Google cached page will read: “one or more of your search terms is not contained on this page but point to it…” or something like that. I think that might be the meta tags nudging the search engine along.

  3. Thanks richardz for clearing that up!

    Generally, placing keywords legitimately in your code will increase your keyword density for that term, which will increase your relevance, and therefore ranking. However, as richardz pointed out, beware…abusing your code by adding extraneous keywords everywhere will result in negative results.

    Hope this helped!

  4. Dear Erica, I change my developer has changed my landing page from the physical products that we sell to our download products. Over the last two weeks we have seen a massive fall in traffic. Could this be down to the landing page alone? Also If I were to have the SEO consultant change the title tags back to represent physical product landing pages, how long will it take for google to pick it up?

    Many thanks for your post

    Visit Us Here

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