Wanted! Web Specialist!

I’m looking for a young web professional (student, consultant, individual with consulting time, etc!) with experience (professional, personal, experimental, any at all!) in one or more of the following areas to discuss several opportunities with. A knowledge in the following areas is requested:

  • PHP
  • mySQL
  • Javascript
  • SpamGourmet
  • PERL
  • DaDaBIK

I would like to begin a professional dialog with such people, and perhaps refer them to a few companies who are seeking individuals with the skills they possess. Experience isn’t necessarily required.

I especially encourage young college students, and even high school students with skills in web development to contact me in order to discuss these possibilities. I find that many of you are reluctant to contact people about these possibilities, after finding that many companies are seeking a vast amount of experience before they consider employing you. This is not true! Please, please contact me! We have much to talk about. I can be reached at ericadewolf@gmail.com. Thanks, and I look forward to speaking to you!


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