10.3 ounces- 90,000 documents

Amazon KindleAmazon’s all new Kindle device allows individuals to access content of over 90,000 books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and more, at any time, even at times when it doesn’t have access to a Hot Spot or wireless connection! Think of it as a PDA that holds 200 publications for you to read at your earliest convenience, whether it be on the commute to and from work, on your lunch hour, before and after classes, or any other time you read.

For example, a business owner reads the Wall Street Journal every morning, and decides to sign up for a subscription via his new Amazon Kindle. This costs him a mere $9.99 per month. Early in the morning, when that day’s edition of the newspaper is released to stands, it will automatically download to his Amazon Kindle, so that when he’s ready to read it, its available to him. He can also gain immediate access to any business blogs that he keeps up with. New posts are also automatically sent to the Amazon Kindle to read, and subscriptions start at$0.99 per month.

Since some people don’t like reading things from a computer screen, Amazon creating the Kindle to have a “crisp, high-resolution electronic paper display that looks and reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight.” The kindle requires no computer, no laptop, no wireless or Hot Spot access. And since Amazon foots the bill for the wireless connectivity of the device, users have no monthly fees or bills, unless they subscribe to a publication.

Simply search the Kindle store from your personal Kindle in order to find titles that may interest you, all at a price less than purchasing the physical book. New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases can be purchased for a one time price of $9.99, unless otherwise marked.

Here are some more specifications on the Amazon Kindle:Amazon Website

  • High quality electronic paper display (You can read in the dark, bright sunlight, anywhere!)
  • No computer, no cables, no wireless connectivity, no monthly fees
  • Wireless connectivity anywhere, giving you constant access to the Kindle Store
  • Kindle Books are delivered less than a minute after ordering
  • Free access to the first chapters of books so you can sample before you buy!
  • Thinner than a typical paperback, and light, at 10.3 ounces
  • Holds 200 titles
  • Long Battery Life. With wireless on: two days. With wireless off: one week.
  • No monthly bills or commitments
  • Includes free wireless access to Wikipedia.org
  • Email your documents to Kindle for easy, on the go viewing
  • Built in dictionary
  • Adjustable text size

What’s available?

  • 90,000 book titles, including 100 NY Times Best Sellers.
  • Top US and International Newspapers- purchase by issue or sign up for a monthly subscription
  • More than 250 worldwide blogs, auto-updated daily as posts become available
  • Magazines and Journals- purchase by issue or monthly subscription starting at $1.99, most beginning with a 14 day free trial!
  • Personal Files
  • AudioBooks- which are transferred using a PC and internet connection

As you can see, the Amazon Kindle is an innovative device that is bound to catch on quick. Users can save money, avoid carrying around heavy or multiple publications, have instant access to over 90,000 titles, and benefit variously in many other ways. See more!


One thought on “10.3 ounces- 90,000 documents

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