Email Mistakes- Follow Up

The GapAs a quick follow up to my preceding post, Email Mistakes, the Gap has recently announced that they will not redeem 60% off coupons that were mistakenly circulated to the public via email. Apparently, the original discount was 30% off and intended for business associates. Somehow, this 30% turned into 60% and began to spread to an offering to the public through email updates.

Come on. This is yet another way to anger your customers…if they get a coupon to use in your store, let them use it in your store. Otherwise, the sale that you potentially may have gotten even without that coupon may walk away dissatisfied and angry, without even opening their wallet.

What to learn from this mistake? Stay on top of your promotions, make sure your technology is working properly, and have a second, and a third person approve these types of offers from being sent out so that the mistake is NOT made.

The Gap told BBC news that they would still redeem 30% coupons obtained by business associates.

Read the preceding post to this post here. 


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