Email Mistakes

Danny Flamberg of the Manhattan Marketing Maven blog rose an interesting point dealing with email marketing campaigns and strategy. He referenced a recent experience where a company offered the recipient a coupon via email. The recipient go pretty excited about the 10% discount to be applied with this special offer. The recipient took special care to read the fine print, looking for any exceptions to the discount, the specified time frame when the coupon code was to be active, and any other special considerations. However, once, he visited the website, adding his choices to his shopping cart, and attempted to check out using his coupon code, there was an error.

Apparently, the coupon was only good for items on sale for their full prices. The two items in his shopping cart were on sale and therefore, he could not get the discount. A quick look at the original email offering didn’t reveal any of this information.

This is a perfect example of what NOT to do in email marketing: alienate frequent and occasional buyers or contributers. This has happened to me, as well. An email showed me a coupon “only by clicking through this email.” Well, I clicked through but got no discount. It’s disappointing. The individual has their shopping cart full and their credit card ready, but then most likely will not go through with the order because of the lack of the discount they were promised when they began shopping.

The lesson to learn? Use coupons and special discount codes in your email marketing campaigns, but make sure that all of the conditions that apply are advertised clearly to the consumer so they don’t feel duped. Also, make sure, if the coupon is “click through only,” that the technology is functioning properly and the link will work the way it should. Otherwise, you could lose some easy income and valuable customers.

Read a short follow up to this post here. 


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