Guerrilla Marketing Explained

In today’s post, I’ve decided to discuss guerrilla marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing: coined in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levinson, this term is used to describe unusually aggressive, imaginative marketing and promotion methods, usually on a very low budget.

As you can probably gather, guerrilla marketing is a relatively flexible term used to describe extreme, creative, and generally non-traditional marketing methods. An example that we’ve all probably seen is the movie-themed plastic cup we receive when purchasing a beverage at the movie theater. The two images above are just a few examples of how creative an advertising or marketing campaign can get. I’ve seen a car wash made up to look like a paper shredder. A plastic highlighter drawing a line on the road. The possibilities are endless, and that’s what’s so exciting about this area of marketing!

Guerrilla marketing turns viral- tourists or individuals will take pictures of these phenomena and share them online or in person with friends and family, increasing reach. It’s something that I believe every company should try to implement into their ongoing campaigns.

For more information on guerrilla marketing, read on:

There are also many popular and well written books on the topic:Guerrilla Marketing, Levinson

  • Guerrilla Marketing for Free: this is another book written by Jay Guerrilla Marketing for Free, LevinsonConrad Levinson, which focuses on how to implement guerrilla marketing for free with viral and word of mouth methods. In this book, Levinson literally gives you ideas and tells you how to implement them to maximize your profits and increase leads…all without depleting your financial resources. Levinson is an extremely talented writer with incredible advertising and marketing ideas, so be sure to check this and his other books out!

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