A Strange Advertising Medium

Paper_LogoI talk about new types of electronic (mostly) media that are being used for marketing and advertising efforts nearly every day in my blog posts. While reading my RSS Feeds in Google Reader, I came across a very interesting non-electronic medium for advertisers to place their logo or message. It’s a very simple idea, but extremely creative and, I think, will be very effective. The idea? Banner Ads on students’ notebooks, notepads, or notepaper.

But what student would want advertisements plastered all over their stuff? Why would they agree to this? Because the company gives the supplies out for free! School supplies get expensive after four years of both high school and college, so this is a way to save students money and increase your company’s reach to students, if this is who your company is targeting.

This is an extension of the free knick-knacks companies hand out at many trade shows or educational events: pens, notepads, mint dispensers, candy bars, calculators, etc. It may also fit into the category of guerilla marketing.

Guerilla Marketing: coined in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levinson, this term is used to describe unusually aggressive, imaginative marketing and promotionmethods, usually on a very low budget.color_paper

FreeHand advertising is one company that is utilizing this idea…they have attractive options for advertisers to choose from that will display their ad nicely, as well as be attractive to the students who would receive these notebooks. The images shown are examples of two products they have available: colorful paper with a banner ad on top, and a plain sheet of paper with a banner at the top, as well as your company’s logo water-marked on the page.

You can read more about this initiative here and here.


One thought on “A Strange Advertising Medium

  1. I think a good idea is to put it in the real world and see what happens with it. Great ideas have an initial impact and unprecedented success. So I think avatarpublicity.com site creators have released a very unique idea: a naked female avatar as a billboard. Go idea. We’ll see what impact you have.

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