New Media = New Marketing Opportunities

I came across an interesting article published by Advertising Age and written by Megan McIlroy about the conception of the term “new media” being ambiguous with the term “new marketing. The article, accessible here, discusses Nick Brien’s, CEO of Universal McCann, ideas on how the new marketing of this day and age are forcing brands to either adapt and continue success, or stay where they’re at and “jeopardize their brands.”

Brien cites several things as key for this new marketing model:

  • user generated content
  • innovation
  • collaboration between users, media groups, creative agencies, etc.
  • a open mind and willingness to test and adopt this new marketing model

I personally love the section where Brien discusses user generated content as a key part of this new marketing model. An example of a brand utilizing user generated content is a non profit organization holding a contest for the best PSA. The winner’s video would be featured and used both online and on television. This simple request for user generated content can create buzz, awareness, and message delivery success.

I encourage everybody to check out this short article. It’s well written and gives you an idea of what this “new marketing model” is. Please post your comments, as I encourage interpretations of what this model may be, as the article leaves it relatively vague and open to interpretation. What is your take on this model, and is it accurate in today’s marketing world?


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