Google: Then and Now.

Android LogoThose who passed up the opportunity to invest in inexpensive Google stock when it first came out are kicking themselves right about now. Just after their premiere of their Google Open Social in the portion of their mega-site, we hear of their newest initiative “Android.”Google

Android is the newest phone software, boasting an “open format” so that widgets and applications can be built to work with the open source technology. Similar to Google Open Social’s 26 social networks teaming up, Android has its own “Android alliance,” including some of the largest wireless industries in the world, including T-Mobile and Motorola. Together, these technology and wireless carriers form the self-proclaimed Open Handset Alliance, including Google, eBay, the aforementioned wireless providers, and other founders.

Again, I am not a technology person, per say. I understand it, I can work with it, but the concepts don’t click with me as it does with more tech-savvy programmers and engineers. However, to my understanding, this new phone software will not be meant for any particular Google phone, or G-phone. Instead, the software will be used on various phones by wireless carriers included in the Open Handset Alliance to ensure that the newer, more computer-like features of mobile phones work more like they should. For example, the software includes a HTML web browser, so viewing the web on a cell phone is more like viewing the web (like on the iPhone), and less like the cheap rip-offs of the “web” on your mobile phone as we have seen.

The iPhone, by the way, is still THE only one in its class. There are others who are coming out with similar products, but they are not up to par yet. Although I am not an iPod, iTunes, or Apple die hard fan, I am a fan of the iPhone, and would have bought one by now if I hadn’t been such a committed customer of Verizon Wireless. I’m waiting for the day when a similar, less expensive phone, as well as an inexpensive Verizon Wireless data plan (AT&T still has the best deal on data plans) are available. Anybody care to comment on this topic?

Phew. Google certainly has gone a long way, eh? Who knew that a company that started out as a comprehensive search engine would begin creating software to compete with the iPhone, a product of a company as large as Apple. Google, a company that gets ahead by embracing the essence of Web 2.0, has grown because of it. Wow. What I would give for a time machine to take me back to buy the stock in the beginning. Watch Google. It’s going places, and when I say places, I mean up.

To read more about the Android initiative by Google, read on:

Google to unveil ‘Android’ phone software.

Google Programs ‘Android” as Next Mobile Operating System


2 thoughts on “Google: Then and Now.

  1. A few thoughts –

    1. Android: Yes it’s an “open” platform that many businesses have come on board with, but many have not. Palm, Apple, Nokia have not yet joined. The other thing about Android is that Google will use it as a revenue stream. It will have their apps on it which will include their ads. They sell it as off-setting the cost of the OS but really its a revenue play, and a genius one at that.

    2. Verizon – they passed up the iPhone, though as a customer as well, I wish they didn’t. I have a Blackberry with them now and was able to call this weekend and get my data plan changed from $49 to $29 a month. Existing users can call and request the new plan and get the better rate. That as well as the new faster EVDO coverage here in Meadville (compared to AT&T) is keeping me with VZW for now. More on rate drop:

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