Using e-Marketing to Help YOUR Business

The various types of new media becoming more and more popular today are doing so for a reason– they work! As we speak, new media and e-marketing are helping many small to large businesses in various ways, including greatly increasing awareness of the company and its products or services, as well as increasing the effectiveness of current marketing initiatives. This eventually translates into generating more customers through less marketing dollars. So, where do companies begin? Where can they jump on the bandwagon to begin sharing the advantages of utilizing e-marketing? Read on.

Developing a desire to implement a strategic e-marketing plan is the first step, and the company website is where you step onto the wagon. 1. Take a look at your website. Get an evaluation. Based on your niche area of the market, what should be included that may not already be? Is there anyway that e-commerce can be added to the mix in order to increase your customer-base? Based on my vast experiences, every website should include:

  • About Your Company: provide a brief history and description of your company, complete with names of founders and any business partners.
  • Contact Information: a physical address, along with phone numbers and email addresses where different individuals or departments of the company can easily be reaches.
  • Privacy Policy and /or Terms and Uses : a policy regarding visitors privacy should be included, insuring them that you will not disclose any information they provide, if they choose to do so, to any third parties
  • Site Map: a page providing a visual model of all of the pages that comprise the website, which allows visitors to more easily maneuver about the site.

The next step would be to 2. apply search engine optimization (SEO) to your website to ensure that you can be found by current and potential customers. This step is often overlooked, but is extremely important. An incredibly well put together with a brilliant design and the ideal content level is ineffective if it cannot be found by your customers. Identify a SEO professional who can work with you and your webmaster to manipulate your website so that search engines can more easily find and accurately match your sites to key search terms.

3. Exploring further Web 2.0 applications and new media to include on your website and in your marketing plan and budget. This could include text alerts, coupons sent via mobile phones, video streaming on your site to promote products, and more. Creating an email marketing campaign, complete with newsletters, are a logical next step if your company has news, special sales, or other information that you want to deliver to your current and potential customers.

If you are interested in beginning an e-marketing initiative, please contact me to discuss putting together a personalized plan for your business. Even if you’re not interested in hiring me as a consultant to evaluate your website, or put together an SEO or email marketing plan, I should be able to direct you towards some resources that will help  you better understand what you could be doing to get (please excuse the cliche) more bang for your buck.


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