iGoogle and More Web 2.0

I’m beginning to become more attached to iGoogle. I admit it. I love it. In a previous post, Aggregating Web 2.0, I discussed how it wasn’t up to par to what the individuals in this Web 2.0 consumed world need and want. But, it’s (iGoogle) growing on me because of its extremely wide selection of widgets that users can choose from. I’ve created a”Social Media” tab, which allows me to check all of my accounts without having to sign in to all of the websites individually. Granted, i may have to re-enter a password if I decide i need to visit the actual site, I may need to re-enter a password. But iGoogle creates a great space to monitor what’s going on with ALL of your accounts.

Another iGoogle widget I recommend is the Google News application. (To add this application to your iGoogle, click here). This is, in essence, an RSS feed, searching all news stories for the keywords of your choice. For example, if your favorite actor is Brad Pitt, you can use his name as your keyword. All of the most recent and relevant news articles on Brad Pitt will be displayed, all on your iGoogle page.

This can be easily utilized for reputation management. For example, you could use your name or business name for your keyword. The articles containing those keywords would then be available for you to monitor. This will allow you to easily identify and rectify any current or potential PR problems immediately.

Just a quick note on what’s coming up…I have a lot to write about, but I’d like to do some research first. There’s a new “social media” web browser named Flock that has obtained quite some attention. I haven’t personally tried it, but I know that it includes areas that will save your different login information for easier social network viewing.I also wanted to talk about a few programs that I have used and am very/ vaguely familiar with, including Camtasia Studio and Articulate. These and other tools can help your company present web 2.0 material.

Remember that I can be utilized as a resource! I’m currently providing a wide range of services including

  • Web Design,
  • Web Maintenance,
  • Initial Market Research for Startups
  • Market Research
  • Email Marketing- Implementation and Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Helping businesses utilize Web 2.0 to cut costs
  • Visual “How to get started” Guides of various Web 2.0 applications
  • And more!

Please let me know if there’s anything I may be able to help you with. I can be reached via email here.


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