Web 2.0 and User generated content

In late September, there was an interesting article published by BusinessWeek regarding the “Whole New Web” of user-generated content, a concept I’ve discussed in past posts, such as September’s “Web 2.0 and our Participation”.

User generated content is the content developed by and for internet users. Examples include blogs, wikis, podcasts and vodcasts, social networking sites, video sharing sites, and many new types of online media. Internet users are now creating their own entertainment!

This increase in user generated content signifies a change in the consumer-business relationship. The customer / consumer is more and more typically becoming the one in charge. Consumers demand something, and its the businesses’ jobs to create it for them. If the customers want a free online dating site, it’s up to the businesses to create the site, but still figure a way to make money to maintain it. As Robert D. Hoff, the author of the referenced article, says:

As people individually and collectively program their own Web, they’re increasingly calling the shots. In the process, they’re challenging the way media organizations cover and distribute news and entertainment, the way advertisers target pitches at them, and the way tech companies design and sell their products and services. Most of all, they’re rapidly changing their minds about what they will pay for and how. That’s disrupting long-established business models, from newspaper subscriptions to television advertising.

Web 2.0 and user generated content is taking over the web. More and more of the global web is self-generated. It’s only a matter of time before the notion of “Web 1.0” is nonexistent.


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