Fuel Your Business: WEDO Tour

WEDO logoYesterday, October 17th, I attended the Erie extension of the WEDO: Fuel Your Business Tour, in which 11 very experienced speakers and panelists talked about how to successfully run and manage a small business. As an individual who is at the very beginning stages of starting her own independent consulting, I was both excited and overwhelmed about the great amounts of information offered during this 6 hour event.

There were some thought provoking questions that shed a lot of light on the ideas of saving time with online resources, outsourcing skills that you do not specialize in, and developing strategic partnerships with companies in order to take on a large project.

After lunch, there was an optional workshop on business finances. The first 45 minutes consisted with the presentation of information. As an individual who has not yet looked at her cash flow, a lot of the information went over my head, but I definetely did learn something about the importance of staying on top of my finances instead of leaving it all up to a banker or an accountant.

I was extremely pleased with the presentations, as they were extremely informative, and introduced me to new ideas and new faces that will perhaps be able to help me with my endeavors in the near future. The event was held at the Manufacturer’s Association on 38th street. Even though the building is undergoing some physical alterations, the venue was very impressive, and I wonder why more events are not held there. I would very much like to be a part of future events, as it was extremely enjoyable. It is so great that we have such a wonderful organization as WEDO in our area.


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